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  1. Junebug

    Remote probe thermometer wort proofing

    I couldn't find any #70 o-rings anywhere. I see that somebody picked up some #60's. I'll give that a try!
  2. Junebug

    Remote probe thermometer wort proofing

    I wish I'd seen this sooner. I had no idea the probe thermometers weren't water proof! My readings were way off last time. Heading out to petsmart today to get some tubing.:o
  3. Junebug

    My wife is nuts

    She kept you up half the night to badger you about getting a dog, and she'd already made the plans and was going around you anyway. This is seriously not o.k. She needs to be respectful of your needs and wishes.
  4. Junebug

    Am I becoming an AG Elitist?

    I can detect the extract "twang" in all of my previous brews. They weren't bad, but I could always pick up on a syrupy flavor. Today, I brewed my very first all-grain, in the hopes that I will ditch this "twang". Things went a bit slow, but this was my very first attempt. If this beer...
  5. Junebug

    Fatal family accident please pray for my wife's family!!

    I know I'm a bit late in this thread, but I will send good energy Mike's way, and hope for a speedy recovery!
  6. Junebug

    First brew - cooling the wort

    I recently purchased a wort chiller and used it for the first time yesterday and I have to say I wish I'd gotten that thing way sooner! It got my wort down to 75 degrees in ten minutes. Even when I used every ice cube in the house, I never got the wort cooled that quickly. :ban:
  7. Junebug

    Skunky fermentation

    If it just smells like your dog farted in there, it should be fine- I can't believe I'm saying this. :eek: Skunk smells just like the name, skunky. I keep my carboy in a dark closet, but the closet has a fluorescent light. I use a flashlight to check on the beer so I don't run the risk of...
  8. Junebug

    Thank the Ethanol Hoax for higher malt prices

    I read somewhere that if every single acre of arable land in the U.S. was used to grow corn for ethanol, it would only address 20% of our fuel needs. Pretty inefficient.
  9. Junebug

    Farewell to a dear friend....

    I'm so sorry for the loss of your sweet Jazzy. Your post had me crying, Pete. Time will bring some relief to the void she's left behind...Take care. I'll lift my glass to Jazzy tonight.
  10. Junebug

    Wisdom Teeth....

    Since the pain is coinciding with a bad head cold, I'd say it's inflamed sinuses. When sinuses act up, it can make every tooth in your head ache severely. I think most wisdom tooth difficulty springs from impacted wisdom teeth pushing up against other teeth. Give a decongestant a try before...
  11. Junebug

    Turkey Fryer Question

    I have a problem with this girlfriend was dying to use my beer kettle for a super-sized chili recipe and I just couldn't say yes. She has her own pot now. :)
  12. Junebug

    Might have screwed up!!! Over-carbed!

    I do the exact same thing- and then cover the whole lot with black hefty trash bags!
  13. Junebug

    What beer set you free?

    It was the locally brewed "Sprecher Amber" for me....these days, I'm drinking SNPA and SN ESB. Plus home brews.
  14. Junebug

    No signs of cabonation in bottles

    Yep. I had a bunch of newly bottled beer conditioning in my basement a few weeks ago. After three weeks, there was zero carbonation. I brought them upstairs and let them sit in a closet and after three weeks of these warmer temps, the beer came around just fine.
  15. Junebug

    AHH 4 cases left of Sierra Nevada Bigfoot.

    We've got a ton at my local market- I almost picked up some but saw that it was something like 9% alcohol and I was afraid that one would knock me on my keester. What is barleywine like?
  16. Junebug

    Happy St. Paddy's- what are you drinking tonight?

    I had a Guinness extra stout at I'm drinking a Sierra Nevada ESB.:mug:
  17. Junebug

    My first brew - Australian Pale Ale

    Wow! That looks fantastic...:rockin:
  18. Junebug

    yeast question

    The topic of dry versus liquid has been addressed in the extract brewing section. I have finely honed taste buds and every single one of my beers made with liquid extract have had a slight "syrupy" flavor. Sort of like maple syrup. Yooper suggested brewing with dry malt extract to eliminate...
  19. Junebug

    How fast did you abandon kits from the brew stores?

    I did four kits and then began branching out.
  20. Junebug

    yeast question

    I didn't do the dry hopping option with that recipe, and it was pleasantly hoppy. A little more than the SNP.