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  1. iceemone

    20% off Anvil Foundry and more.

    It must be over! It came up with the sale price before. I was able to order one. I was shocked that it was on sale.
  2. iceemone

    20% off Anvil Foundry and more.

    Great Black Friday deals. Between this and SS Brewtech I’m broke.
  3. iceemone


    You sir, are a true gentleman. I also love to ride. I used to ride BMX and mountain. Now, I'm a card carrying spandex roadie.
  4. iceemone

    Memorial Day Sale, HBT EXCLUSIVES!!! -

    Placing an order now, promo code please. THX
  5. iceemone

    Any brewing Firefighters out there?

    I was a volley for five years before Paramedic school. School made me really jazzed about medicine, so I went to work on an ambulance in an urban EMS system. But, every day that passes the call back to the fire service gets stronger.
  6. iceemone

    Not clearing

    First, this is NOT what I expect to see when I open a CG thread. Second, I say just bottle it, let it carb, put a few in the fridge for a couple of days. I' sure it will be a nice and delicious red. Assuming of course that you plan on bottling. My beers never look like the final SRM when its...
  7. iceemone

    thinking about getting a BICYCLE

    Definitely go to a few different shops and test ride a few different bikes. There are a lot of variables that go into finding a bike that fits you well, and most bike shops are great at finding something that works for you. Once you find a bike you like, used or not, get a professional bike...
  8. iceemone

    Beer Advocate Reviews..

    I'm leaning towards someone with an awesome sense of humor poking fun at some of the reviews on Beer Advocate....Well, I hope that's the case.
  9. iceemone

    If you LOVE your job...

    Paramedic, with a focus on wilderness rescue. Best job in the world. I actually get paid to climb, hike, and play in the river!
  10. iceemone

    The stupidest comment on your beer

    Not about my beer, but funny to me. I was out last night with the wife. To kick things off we got a slice of pizza and a beer. The wife wants, "Something light." and orders a PBR. I go for a Stone IPA. The place serves all their beer in red solo cups, so while the head is still present you can't...
  11. iceemone


    I thought about posting this in the DIY forum. Tooooooooo, funny.
  12. iceemone

    Are DJs Musicians?

    Totally a musician, like the link Bobby_M posted. YouTube, Dj Qbert, Mix master mike, Dj Shadow, Cut Chemist. Or check out clips from the DMC world championship. It takes an insane amount of dedication, creativity, and skill. I consider a quality DJ to be more of a musician than that guy playing...
  13. iceemone

    never give advice about losing weight...

    Fo all yo nutritional advice needs
  14. iceemone

    HomeBrewTalk 2013 Big Giveaway!

    Yes please. In.
  15. iceemone

    "Aporkalypse" Bacon beer. Hmmmm, bacon beer. I remember not liking the Rouge Maple Bacon porter. The name is awesome, "Aporkalypse." But I just don't know about bacon in a beer.
  16. iceemone

    Awesome real names (Not funny ones)

    I run into a cop from time to time and his last name is Bacon. Officer Bacon. I chuckle every time I read his name tag.
  17. iceemone

    Non-alcoholic to alcoholic

    I was getting more of a troll vibe. Drink it is my response. It will be delicious.
  18. iceemone

    Portland, Or. water quality I just got the water report in the mail the other day. Found it online and posted it above.
  19. iceemone

    My keezer build!

    I do believe you need to have made 25 posts before your pics will show. Troll/spammer prevention.
  20. iceemone

    The Late Night Thread

    That sounds like a good excuse for few extra pints of homebrew.