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  1. Ize

    Old School

    It's something, not quite sure. Dug out the hydrometer and got it cleaned up and thinking I'm going to test it tonight.... Hell, it could be the CORO-CURE for all I know!:rock:
  2. Ize

    Old School

    Hi, my name is Ize. I've been a member since 2006 and became a Lifetime in either 06' or 07'... don't really remember. Haven't brewed in ages. Still have all my gear. May need it now more than ever.... Stumbled across a batch of hangover helper I kind of forgot about, which made me think of HBT...
  3. Ize

    What are you drinking now?

    That is a good beer. :rockin: Honestly, I've alway been really pleased with Schlafly's brews. Hope you had a good Christmas man! Ize
  4. Ize

    My bar project

    RD, Good to see you man! Was wondering where you fell off to, now I see! Awesome job man! Supremely jealous! :rockin: Ize
  5. Ize

    Kid Pics

    Hard to believe he'll be 5 in March already. I just thought you'd get a kick outta this one Yoop... After seeing him whack some kid with his stick in practice tonight, he may just be up for the "Goon of the Year" award. Beginners Class. :drunk: Ize
  6. AJ102008


  7. Ize

    How did you find us?

    Whoa, someone actually in my neck of the woods. :rockin: Ize
  8. Ize

    Went to the liquor store today.....

    Nothing like a good old Sammy Smith. Never had the Racer 5 (not a big IPA fan anymore) But I bet you dig the Hop Rod. I've had one chillin in the fridge all summer. Saving for a special occasion. Nice score. :rockin: Ize
  9. Ize

    Great Movie Quotes

    Newman in Slap Shot... [after meeting the Hansons] Reggie Dunlop: Oh you cheap son of a b!tch. Are you crazy? Those guys are retards! McGrath: I got a good deal on those boys. The scouts said they showed a lot of promise. Reggie Dunlop: They brought their fookin' TOYS with 'em...
  10. Ize

    What are you drinking now?

    Cheap crap. And a fight with SWMBO makes it go down easier... :p Fat Tire tomorrow. Ize
  11. Ize

    Holy Crap...We Missed Homebrewer_99's Birthday

    ****e, I just don't feel right not wishing you a Hoppy Beerthday Bill. Even tho it's late as a mofo. Hope it was a good one. :mug: Ize (sheesh. I can't spell out "shighte" without the gh? Sad.)
  12. Ize

    RIP 4th Amendment

    Right on Ed. It would be nice about the 3rd party, but tossing the asshats out of congress would be a better start. Trust me, I'm stuck with RICHARD head Durbin. Ize
  13. Ize

    Stupid TV Companies

    Don't know who your cable provider is in SW Mo, but I'm about to give mine the finger here in Central Il and go Dish or Direct... my cable co. BLOWS donkeys for free 7 days a week. I'll just call them "ScamCast" and leave it at that. Good luck man! :mug: Ize
  14. Ize

    How Forums Work

    5 to argue why incandescent are better than fluorescent, 8 to argue the contrary, and 1 know it all to say the Edison had it right all along. Ize
  15. Ize

    Music Match

    Hats off to (Roy) Harper - Led-Zeppelin Ize Wow, must've missed the post by seconds. Take it Death. :rockin: Ize
  16. Ize

    Name this cat.

    LOL Tet, also as in the Offensive or short for "Ka-Tet" from King's Gunslinger epic. ;) As for the King reference from the same series of books, you could call her "Oy". The big eyes made me think of it. Keeps it short and simple as well. Ize
  17. Ize

    Name this cat.

    I usually let their personailty dictate the name. Altho I think Rafter is pretty good! :rockin: Ize
  18. Ize

    HBT at NHC

    It looks like you guys had a great time and I'm sorry I missed a chance to at least say hello and enjoy a beverage or two with you. I DID end up actually being in the area Friday night (Walton, KY) but in the end two factors prevented me from even attempting to set up any kind of meet. #2, I...
  19. Ize

    Just want to share

    I bet those are going to be really fine after they've aged. Kudos! :mug: How long are you going to let them sit before tremptation gets the better of you? ;) Ize
  20. Ize

    Happy Birthday Brewtopia!!!

    Congrats man, Congrats! And may the next year be filled with nothing but good friends and good times. :mug: All the best to you! :mug: Ize