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  1. fratermus

    Yay or Nay: Boil Water w/ Priming Sugar?

    I suppose one might make the admittedly-tangential argument that cracking the sucrose to glucose+fructose using a boil and acidifier could make it somewhat easier (or at least different) on the yeast. Or that killing any undesirable micro-orgs in the sugar would reduce competition/stress on the...
  2. fratermus

    I am currently fermenting Ovaltine.

    The audio levels between the tracks are uneven. Voice is the top track in this Audacity screenshot. Music and effects on bottom. My guess is they were normalized but the voice track has two loud spikes so everything else gets mixed way down.
  3. fratermus

    Franconia Brewery Accident

    So sorry to hear this. The owner is a good guy, very friendly and deserving of success. I bet his insurance company will forbid any future tours... :-(
  4. fratermus

    I am currently fermenting Ovaltine.

    "More Ovaltine, please!" It comes full circle, since some of the brewers stayed afloat during Prohibition by producing malt products like Ovaltine.
  5. fratermus

    Drinking my First!!!

    Good job. And the Irish Ale has become a favorite of mine. I'm partial to a Smitwick's clone I drug up from somewhere. Jamil, maybe.
  6. fratermus

    Large Giveaway - Fermenter, Mash Paddles, Thermapen

    username: fratermus I subbed to the Dallas subforum to stay informed.
  7. fratermus

    How much idophor do you guys use?

    Although I generally use iodophor, I do keep starsan mixed in the spraybottle (distilled water) for that reason. BTW, doing this from memory but the easiest way I've found for measuring iodophor is with a syringe; 3ml/gallon = 12.5ppm.
  8. fratermus

    Corona grain mill?

    A few minutes. Most of that is stopping to fill my dinky hopper. If I made one of those Ozarka hoppers it'd take less.
  9. fratermus

    Cleaning Used Slants

    I use Hugh's method, though to get out remnants sometimes I boil a pot of water with the tubes in it.
  10. fratermus

    What's the best way to purge oxygen from a keg?

    Regardless of the equation, I suspect that the 3rd method will drive o2 down to as low a level as homebrewers are likely to get.
  11. fratermus

    Stir plate getting too hot for the starter?

    My homemade stirrer runs cool, and my (unheated, I've read the specs) Fisher Scientific commercial plate runs hot like yours. I've handled it a couple of different ways: * with a thin slice of styrofoam as you discuss. Sacrificed a Bud Light cooler I found in a neighbors garbage and...
  12. fratermus

    Danstar Munich Wheat yeast vs liquid Hefe yeasts

    I have not used it for its intended purpose, but I did use the Munich in batch of apfelwein; didn't like it. A year later and the twigginess is still fading out. I have not tried Munich in actual weizen wort; maybe I'll do that this week.
  13. fratermus

    Carbonation limit of regular bottles

    I have let root beer overcarb to insane levels in 1L and 2L bottles. The pressure got so high that the bottom of the bottle and even the lid were bowed out. The bottles did not fail. I'm going to say that it's some stupid-high number like 8-12 volumes. I hope someone can chime in with a...
  14. fratermus

    Great Divide Brewing Co - labels are a nightmare to get off!

    Nowadays I just recycle any bottles that don't delabel easily. It's not worth the effort. I agree with the prev. poster that those plasticky Amstel labels are evil. Some of the foil Japanese labels are a pain, too.
  15. fratermus

    23 Year old CO2 Cylinder

    Cool. Thanks for chiming in.
  16. fratermus

    Star San in Corney's

    The starsan is not in danger (assuming RO/distilled) but the stainless might get pitted. I think I read a thread like this here.
  17. fratermus

    Other Uses for Star San

    I noticed this tonite. I was cleaning and saw a trail of ants. I hit them with the starsan that was in my spraybottle. They stopped walking immediately and were dead withinin a few more seconds. Bizarre. I thought I had discovered something new and came here to report on it. Searched...
  18. fratermus

    Moving kegs = cloudy beer

    I make my friends walk to the kegerator for their free beer. :-) What about putting a locked kegerator on the porch? Interesting thread; I had not considered that folks were racking from keg to get.
  19. fratermus

    Quickest Ale to make

    Mild. Try Orfy's MMA in his recipe dropdown. It's good.
  20. fratermus

    What does "Fermentation Temperature Control" mean? To you?

    I control ambient temps and don't worry about it too much. The jump from no temp control to ambient control was huge. I suspect ambient to internal (given additional sanitation exposure and expense) is diminishing returns for me.