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  1. Gabe

    Head retention

    Try mashing a little lower at 150 and add roughly 6-8% wheat to your bill. This has always worked for us.
  2. Gabe

    Selling off Cornies

    Brewery looking to part with cornelius kegs, roughly ten. We have no use for thesee as we deal in sankeys. Send PM, Thanks, Corralitos Brewing Co. LLC
  3. Gabe

    Hop growing schedule and year-round growing in CA?

    The sizable harvests that Seven Bridges helped with were mine. Check out my pics of just a taste of last year. I have grown hops here for 2 years and now do it on a 1/2 acre size. My hops die back here in late Oct -Nov. Always the same every year. No year round growing but I grow 9 diff...
  4. Gabe

    Using Santiam Hops

    We are growing a large quantity of these in our hop farm, and would like to find a good description of these hops when brewed with. Those of you that have experience with these especially in Lagers, please chime in.
  5. Gabe

    What to brew as a "starter" for a doppelbock?

    My 0.2$ is you should make a smallish Amber Lager with the strain you want to ferment the dopplebock with and make a nice starter for it. Build up healthy yeast with a nice strong first ferment of the Amber lager. This will get you down to where the DB should finish in a respectable time. Avoid...
  6. Gabe

    Hop many cubic feet for planters

    to plant up to three in the following size box. We have been growing hops for 3 years and the first year is always the best to fill up a wood box with root structure. This is good because: #1 You can move #2 You get to keep all the roots when you leave #3 You can move if growing conditions...
  7. Gabe

    Roughly 400!

    You could say that!..and then .....say it again!
  8. Gabe

    Roughly 400!

    So I received my order today from Fresh Hops of 252 rhizomes. 6 different varietals. I also received my organic hop crowns(3 years old) of some hard to find hops on Sat. We are supporting our brewing needs and will be putting whole cones out to market in a couple years. Total planting will be...
  9. Gabe

    Beer scene in Santa Cruz?

    You can definitely get by with a bike if you live in town. My brother in law lives in town and goes to Cabrillo. He cycles all over. A car would be needed to go to SF. 1 hour drive. Rent is expensive here as is everything else. A local seach of Craigs List will net you a small car for a decent...
  10. Gabe

    Beer scene in Santa Cruz?

    The Red, as it's called, is decent for certain beers, but I've ordered an IPA and recieveda Hefe, and the server wanted to fight me on wether or not it was an IPA.......I shook my head returned the beer to the bar and walked out. If you don't know your product, you should'nt be selling it. period!
  11. Gabe

    Beer scene in Santa Cruz?

    I've lived here for 28 years. We have 5 local breweries, 1 which is not brewing because of a floor malfunction. All the breweries are hit and miss as quality goes. Local hangout is 99 bottles but their food is horrible. Service is not the best either. UCSC is full of T n A! Seven Bridges is our...
  12. Gabe

    Hbt X 100 !

    Blender, good to see an old friend on HBT. We will be in a location yet to be disclosed as we still have quite a bit of work ahead of us. Our house beers will be done on our pilot system and therfore be quite the vast array of styles. We will be on tap at certain locations throughout SC...
  13. Gabe

    Hbt X 100 !

    So It's been a while since I have even thought about HBT, let alone get on and chat. Seems as though HBT has grown ten fold in the past 6 months since I have been on. Lot's of new faces. Nice to see that beer enthusiasm is still in full tilt. I'm Gabe, nice to meet those of you who don't...
  14. Gabe

    Jake-O-Lantern Imperial Pumpkin Ale

    How are you figuring the Alc% without a final gravity?
  15. Gabe

    Best way to get a real red?

    .12# of roasted 5 gal. Nice color!
  16. Gabe

    What do you think of this Dubbel recipe

    I would have uped the sugar to at least 20% of fermentables. Use less malt next time and more sugar and note the difference. Cheers, Gabe
  17. Gabe

    Monitoring a keg's contents

    All I do is leave my door open....condensation!
  18. Gabe

    Newbie from Hollister, CA

    rsolstad, There are a few of us central CA, brewers here. Have fun getting into brewing, your LHBS is probably going to be your best friend here pretty soon! Read here at HBT for a wealth of knowledge. Cheers Gabe
  19. Gabe

    Yeast cake with hop residue

    I love to pitch on cakes as often as possible. Vigorous ferment and full attenuation. Will be absolutely on the money for an IPA. I say cake!
  20. Gabe

    Completely F*C*E*D Up Brew

    Chill your wort and put it in a sanitized carboy with an airlock full of spirits. Hold on pitching the yeast until you make a hop tea and mix, then pitch the yeast. You'll make a killer Stout to have for winter.