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  1. PeteSeattle

    Anyone have a recipe for Lush?

    Alright folks! Doing a 10 gal batch this time. I finally have all the extras for my conical so this time around it will be semi-low oxygen and fermenting under pressure. The only difference with the ingredients is that I’m adding acid malt instead of liquid acid additions. Will update periodically.
  2. PeteSeattle

    Do you need a 1 off Stainless part built for your system? Let's discuss it.

    Hi @wanger99 Jay fabricated it in his shop (@Jaybird). Message him here or pm him and he will certainly get back to you. Cheers.
  3. PeteSeattle

    Win a Ss Brewtech Keg WaSsher!

    Thanks for the chance!
  4. PeteSeattle

    Win a Spike Brewing CF5 Conical Unitank!

    Would love to win one. Thanks!
  5. PeteSeattle

    Spike Complete System

    Glad you were able to read over the thread even though you already purchased your system. A least you feel validated with your decision. The steam slayer certainly does make a difference. You made a wise choice. I’ve just been using pbw. I’ve had a tub of it for a while so I might as well...
  6. PeteSeattle

    2nd Dry Hop in conical - avoiding oxygen

    Ah, yes. I failed to mention that I’m using cryo for dry hopping in addition to late and whirlpool usage. But, yeah. I wanted more contact with the wort thus just duping them in. I pulled a sample and my NEIPA is a pale 5 srm ... same as it was pre-dry hopping so no sign of oxidizing yet. The...
  7. PeteSeattle

    2nd Dry Hop in conical - avoiding oxygen

    I’m putting my faith in that blanket of continuous stream of co2 and have just dumped them in.
  8. PeteSeattle

    2nd Dry Hop in conical - avoiding oxygen

    I’m also trying to accomplish this. As of now I do hook up my co2 to my PRV (spike conical with spunding valve) and have co2 flowing at 2-3 psi. I gently open the center lid allowing co2 to spill out and dump the hops in. I’ve since discovered this contraption and I’m very tempted...
  9. PeteSeattle

    ANOTHER Basement Brewery Build

    Hey Brian, Looking good! Hey wondering if you’ve come across the steam condenser for your boil kettle. Several of us eBrewers are installing that instead of condensation hoods. Saved me a lot of $$. I was originally going to install something similar to your previous set up but cam across this...
  10. PeteSeattle

    lupulin pellets YCHHops

    Check this out from previous thread: I’ve only used them in late additions, whirlpool, and dry hop. If I use hops 60 mins or 30 mins I’ll use regular pellets while still using the cryo...
  11. PeteSeattle

    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    Happy Halloween, folks! Last time I tried a NEIPA it oxidized. This time around I happened to win a raffle at my local homebrew club and it was ingredients for a batch of hazy goodness. Interesting ingredients. Rule was to use what I won and see how it turns out. It’s still in the conical. I...
  12. PeteSeattle

    Spike Complete System

    That’s terrific! I’m glad you’re able to customize your table. Was certainly day and night for me. Cheers!
  13. PeteSeattle

    GOOD on Netflix STREAMING?

    I’ve already re-watched the series. I’m a big fan of the novel and original Robert Wise film as well (I rewatch the original film at least 3 times a year). Michael Flanagan does a great job with horror. But yes, Carla G is awesome. The entire cast is awesome. Anyone else into horror esp. for...
  14. PeteSeattle

    Spike Complete System

    I noted your set up a while back before I determined the hight of my table. Thanks for the inspiration!
  15. PeteSeattle

    Spike Complete System

    I’m as tall as Tom Cruise ;) and 25” inches is perfect.
  16. PeteSeattle

    Spike Complete System

    Hiya. It took less than 30 min with a standard sized hacksaw but with a pack of blades rated for metal. Gloves and safety goggles recommended. @macbrewer 25” is just the right size I at least for me. Also provided more clearance for mounting the control panel. It’s a great system. I’ve been...
  17. PeteSeattle

    Hello from Seattle

    (I went to middle school in Los Gatos from 85-88!)
  18. PeteSeattle

    Hello from Seattle

    Hey, I’m a Bay Area transplant myself. Moved up in 1991 and didn’t look back. I do love all the arts and beer up here as well. I’m in the Leschi area about 5 miles east of Georgetown Brewery and Sound Homebrew. Just cranked out a NEIPA today (second one ever). 7 kegs, eh? Impressive!
  19. PeteSeattle

    Hello from Seattle

    Hey, Angus! From Seattle as well! Welcome.