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  1. chumprock

    I love my glass carboys but.....

    Poor horse. Haven't you beaten it enough already? I use glass. I had 1 better bottle but it was easily scratched when cleaning so now it holds star-san.
  2. chumprock

    Brother gave me some "advice"... Thoughts?

    I bet he still enjoys the beer he makes. When I was first getting back into this hobby 6 years ago, I did a lot of reading. I was taking an extreme scientific approach to my brewing, taking readings of all the runnings, pre-boil, etc. Then I visited a friend on brewday who has many more years...
  3. chumprock


    Answered correctly in the second post? Man this place has matured.
  4. chumprock

    Getting a lot of grain husks in my wort

    My false bottom doesnt seem to fit flush against the bottom of the cooler and at the end of the sparge I'll get a lot of husk material. So I just put a metal strainer at the end of the hose and that catches 99.9% of it.
  5. chumprock

    Hello from Rochester, NY

    Welcome. There are a few of us from Western, NY here.
  6. chumprock

    Drink with a Celebrity

    I would have loved to share a beer with Jerry Garcia, but he was a White Russian drinker.
  7. chumprock

    Skeeter Pee

    Mine is clear as can be, and I've k-meta/sorbated, and racked off into a new carboy. But its still giving off bubbles so I'm leery of back-sweetening yet and assume its just leftover CO2?
  8. chumprock

    Don't roast your own coffee beans!

    CO2 Saturation and degassing. Best explanation:
  9. chumprock

    Brew setups with panache

    ABBA has been inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame, so there's that I guess....
  10. chumprock

    Brew setups with panache

    Ahh... I thought it related to the phrase "Page side rage side" which has absolutely nothing to do with BP.
  11. chumprock

    Brew setups with panache

    I'm wondering if Wailing guitar and myself made the same mistake regarding your name. I didnt even consider your avatar pic as relating to the name. :P
  12. chumprock

    Brew setups with panache

    That thing is pretty amazing... I also admire your username.
  13. chumprock

    Don't roast your own coffee beans!

    I would roast my own but I found a roaster in Bisbee, AZ that is just too good so I have him ship me a couple pounds every 2 weeks.
  14. chumprock

    Extreme Frustration; What am I doing wrong?!!

    I read better bottle and my first thought was scratches and that your one gallon of sanitizer isn't doing enough. Do you have other fermenters, or the ability to purchase a "control" fermenter that is not a used better bottle?
  15. chumprock


    Spr-grn! Spr-grn!! Spr-grn!!!!!!!.........?
  16. chumprock

    Dont Do this, I Just lost 4 gallons of finished beer!

    Dont connect the tap. Of course, then you can have a leaking output valve and find it all in the bottom of the keezer, but that's better than the floor. :P
  17. chumprock


    You cant drop anything on the floor in my house without an Archer quote thrown back at you. :p
  18. chumprock


  19. chumprock

    Most ghetto-est motorized mill

    Why was I under the impression that I shouldn't run my drill at full speed? I was always targeting a certain noise level for RPM and then just saw you open 'er up and go for it...
  20. chumprock

    Wtf usps???

    USPS shipping notifications are not actually shipping notifications and should never be relied on. I've gotten some emails before my package arrived, I've had some show up two weeks later, and some not at all.