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  1. JimE

    American Strong Ale Tropical American Strong Ale

    I brewed this 2.5 weeks ago, and kegged and force carbonated it tonight. I'm very happy with how it turned out. It should get better conditioning in the next 2 weeks. I hope that there is some left by then. If this were lighter and cloudy, it could be a NEIPA If you have any recommendations...
  2. JimE

    Weird gas post on new keg

    It’s not a problem if that is what is supposed to be on that particular keg. I’m assuming you have two. Type A posts on the right keg. No problem
  3. JimE

    Weird gas post on new keg

    Glad to help
  4. JimE

    Weird gas post on new keg

    The star-shaped (12 point) post you showed is a “Type A” gas post. As others have said, you use a 7/8 boxed end wrench for this. You didn’t show what the liquid post looks like. It should be a six-sided post and take a 7/8” wrench as well. If the liquid post takes and 11/16” wrench (Type B)...
  5. JimE

    Tropic Thunder NEIPA

    You are absolutely right! For whatever reason I had S05 on the brain when I read S04. :-)
  6. JimE

    Tropic Thunder NEIPA

    Yes, Chico yeast always works great. You can't go wrong with it. When i brew my next one I think I'll try Wyeast 1010 American Wheat for the low floc. Have a great brew day. Don't forget to tell us about it. :-)
  7. JimE

    Tropic Thunder NEIPA

    Those hops are gone smell and taste great. Have you given any thought to using some wheat malt and a less flocculant yeast than the S-04? Both would contribute to a good haze.
  8. JimE

    Right now I'm watching...

    Getting ready for Street Customs
  9. JimE

    Best Breakfast Beer

    Whatever tastes great on my Frosted Flakes!
  10. JimE

    The stupidest comment on your beer

    I often have a couple of beers with a couple of my neighbors. It is kind of like on King of the Hill. I saw my neighbor and called down to him, "Come on over, I have a new home brew for you to try." He brought one of his Michelob Ultras with him. My home brew was a really nice...
  11. JimE

    Is this a result of whirlfloc?

    I used Whirfloc for the first time yesterday, and my fermenter looked just like the ones in the pictures in this thread. I put the tablet in the kettle with 15 minutes left to boil. After chilling, I whirlpooled to get the trub to settle in a pile in the center of my kettle bottom. The trub...
  12. JimE

    My Fortune for One 5/8" Stainless Steel Fender Washer!

    I'm sure you could do that. I get my washers from to places. Fastenal has 5/8" SS washers that are good quality and sturdy. These work well for putting a valve through straight or larger radius curved cooler walls, such as a rectangular or 10 gallon beverage cooler, respectively. On a...
  13. JimE

    Questions About Immersion Chillers

    Not a bad thought!
  14. JimE

    Questions About Immersion Chillers

    That's funny!
  15. JimE

    Questions About Immersion Chillers

    Thanks, everybody, for your answers! Taking your advice, I'll put the hoses on first, test with the water on for leaks, put the chiller in the kettle with 15 minutes left in the boil, and not let the hose get to close to the burner. Got it!
  16. JimE

    Questions About Immersion Chillers

    I decided to move to an immersion chiller rather than putting my kettle in an ice bath. I purchased a copper immersion chiller, made with 50 feet of 3/8 copper tubing. It has garden hose fittings that are soldered on the tubing. I know I need to immerse this with about 15 minutes left in...
  17. JimE

    Worlds fastest IPA!

    This makes sense.... I would still try to find the time to have a 60 minute boil.
  18. JimE

    What is the best Homebrew Supply Site

    Jay's Brewing
  19. JimE

    Old Stone House Pale Ale (Extract)

    Absolutely. Safeale 05 is a good American ale yeast.
  20. JimE

    My Fortune for One 5/8" Stainless Steel Fender Washer!

    Thanks, FlyGuy. I used your instructions for my MLT a couple of months ago. It works great.