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  1. coyote766

    Dandy Kegerator Compressor Not Running

    Typically the red wire would connect to the tab on the overload protector and the white would connect to the tab on the starter relay, but I don’t see either of those items in the picture. I don’t know how to hardwire the compressor, sorry.
  2. coyote766

    Withdrawn 20 Gallon Ss Brewtech BME Brew Kettle (Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ) - $375

    20 Gallon (24 gallon total capacity) Ss Brewtech Brand Stainless Steel Brewmaster Edition (BME) Brew Kettle with lid. This kettle features a rotatable racking arm and a sight glass integrated into the 3-piece ball valve allowing the brewer to monitor and minimize trub pickup during knockout. In...
  3. coyote766

    Sold Sanyo Dual Tap Kegerator

    The copper pipe is connected to the black box with the fan in it at the bottom, then it extends up into the draft tower. The fan in the box draws the cold air in, then moves it up the copper pipe into the draft tower to cool the lines. It helps with foaming issues.
  4. coyote766

    Sold Sanyo Dual Tap Kegerator

    Sanyo (also branded as "Summit") BC-1206S Dual Tap Kegerator with stainless steel look door, 5 lb. CO2 tank (mostly full), single gauge, two product CO2 regulator, tower cooling fan with integrated on/off switch (to reduce foaming), drip tray, guard rails, faucet wrench, and casters. I can...
  5. coyote766

    Sold 20 Gallon Spike+ Mash Tun

    Well, that's embarrassing...... Listed at $400 and I'm in Phoenix, Arizona. Thanks for catching that.
  6. coyote766

    Sold 20 Gallon Spike+ Mash Tun

    20 Gallon Spike+ Stainless Steel (304 - 18/8) Mash Tun with sanitary tri-clamp (TC) fittings, Spike+ false bottom with pickup tube, Ss Brewtech analog thermometer, internal volume markings, rubber-coated handles, and lid. One TC 3-piece valve, one stainless steel 5/8" hose barb, 4 - 1.5" tri...
  7. coyote766

    Rebel Mill chute extension

    Wow, thank you so much! I’m not in a rush; I’m just thankful you’re willing to do it. Color isn’t important, but if I need to pick one, I’d say gray. My email address is [email protected] . If possible, we can discuss this further over email. Thank you, Patrick
  8. coyote766

    Rebel Mill chute extension

    Totally get it; I figured it was a shot in the dark. I love my mill, but there’s not much I can do with it since it was discontinued. I don’t know anyone with a 3D printer, but I can look around. Any help would be appreciated!
  9. coyote766

    Rebel Mill chute extension

    I realize this is a very old post, but is there any chance you'd be willing to make another one and sell it to me??? For years I've been trying to figure out a way to get an extension for my Rebel Mills grain mill with no luck. Thank you!
  10. coyote766

    Inside dimensions of True GDM-10

    I second DannyBoy408. My Blichmann 14.5 gallon Fermenator fits inside the True GDM-10 perfectly. It's a little difficult to lift the Fermenator into the fridge when full, but it definitely fits.
  11. coyote766

    Igloo FR465 Conversion?

    I ordered a second fridge and it didn't work. I gave up on the Igloo brand.
  12. coyote766

    Fermentation/Kegerator Fridge: Daewoo fr-147

    From the pictures I've seen, the shelf for the freezer looks similar to the Frigidaire model (LFPH44M4LM) which can be removed. I'm interested in converting this fridge into a kegerator, so let me know if you find anything out and I'll do the same. They aren't in stock at my local Fry's...
  13. coyote766

    Various Beer Dispensers For Sale

    2 jockey boxes for sale. Here are brief descriptions of the items: 1) Stainless steel dual tap jockey box with 7-pass cold plate and jumper line assemblies with either homebrew disconnects or 2 Sankey "D System" keg couplers. ($500) 2) Dual tap jockey box with two 120' stainless steel...
  14. coyote766

    Stainless Steel Coil Question

    Ok, looks like they're probably 120'. Thanks guys.
  15. coyote766

    Stainless Steel Coil Question

    Thank you for the info and thanks for the quick response!
  16. coyote766

    Stainless Steel Coil Question

    I recently purchased a used jockey box with two stainless steel coils. Problem is, I don't know how long the coils are. This may be a stupid question, but can anyone tell me the length of the coils by looking at photos? I'll post two to this thread. Any info would be appreciated.
  17. coyote766

    Wanted: Triple Faucet Tower

    What are you looking to spend? I've seen them as cheap as $150 on eBay with free shipping. You can get one today for $159 shipped to your door.
  18. coyote766

    Igloo FR465 Conversion?

    The fridge I ordered from Walmart arrived today; however, it was all banged up, so I returned it. It appears the inside can be reconfigured fairly easily to accept at least one corny keg and 5lb. Co2 tank. You'd have to detach the freezer section from the top and reattach it to the back. I'll...