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  1. buraglio

    New to Kegging, need advice on some parts

    Excellent. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks. So,how do you clean your kegs? I normally use a no rinse oxy cleaner. Is that desirable for these or do most use iodophor or starsan or something?
  2. buraglio

    New to Kegging, need advice on some parts

    Our local homebrew club did a massive bulk order of used corny kegs so I bought 5 + new rings since they were so cheap. I have them at home now and am super anxious to use them.....the main blocking point is that I really don't know what else I need. Here is what I have: 5 Corny kegs 5 sets of...
  3. buraglio

    Hey from East-Central IL

    Yeah, that's me. I'm perpetually late. Did you bring any tastings? I'm trying to figure out who you are.
  4. buraglio

    Hey from East-Central IL

    Very cool. My jiu jitsu coach lives there. It's not a bad town at all. Do you guys have a homebrew club over there?
  5. buraglio

    Hey from East-Central IL

    Were you there? I am the one who is always late =P
  6. buraglio

    It finally happened: A diary of the tripple braggot and lambic braggot

    I live right down the road.....I'd be happy to taste any of this once it's done. =)
  7. buraglio

    Easy Partial Mash Brewing (with pics)

    Great write up. I've been playing around with partial mashing and this was a perfect how-to to more or less let me know that I'm doing it right (I kinda just started doing what I thought was correct and logical). Thanks for taking the time. nb
  8. buraglio

    yeast got pretty warm in transit

    Thanks for the replies. I think it'll be fine. I need to do a starter anyway so I'll just do that once it's brewtime. If it's dead I'll do a starter of a dry lager yeast. nb
  9. buraglio

    yeast got pretty warm in transit

    I got some liquid lager yeast from midwest supplies and, although I ordered the ice pack, it's so hot and humid and here in the midwest that the ice was melted and the yeast was warm. My question is how important is it to keep the liquid yeast cool? Should I even try to pitch it? I don't have...
  10. buraglio

    Storing a sixer for 5 months

    This is something I always do as well, I've got ~6 bottles from every brew I've made thus far (except maybe the first apfelwein) "hidden" away in an inconvenient place in my basement (to deter me from getting then out). nb
  11. buraglio

    Extract vs. AG question

    This is good advice. Thanks!
  12. buraglio

    Extract vs. AG question

    I, too, had the thin body "watery" problem with my first few batches (brewers best kits). They beers tasted good, but were just a little thin. I thought I'd done all of my homework, done lots of research, followed instructions, etc. but the beers were just a little lacking. I did a lot more...
  13. buraglio

    bourbon barrel scotch ale

    --edit: the subject should be *scottish* ale, not scotch ale. I've been working on a bourbon barrel scottish ale and am about ready to rack onto my bourbon and oak chips. So, the original plan was go rack onto 750ml fo bourbon and some amount of oak cubes. Since the brewing of the...
  14. buraglio

    My Dog and Brewing

    As long as they don't get ANY hops at all then it is actually pretty good for them (high fiber, etc). However, it will probably give your pooch a case of the browns if it's not part of his/her regular diet. The hops will kill the dog (my wife is a vet and I verified with her that hops are in...
  15. buraglio

    Indiana / Purdue area home brew club?

    Does anyone know if there is a Home Brew club around the Purdue (Lafayette/West Lafayette, IN) area? nb
  16. buraglio

    Can I make mead cheap?

    I got mine from an apiary in Chestnut, IL (it's a SUPER tiny town). Actually my mother picks it up for me, she knows the guy or something. The one in Mattoon/Charleston is also good but I think thy guy in Chestnut is cheaper (not factoring in cost of driving). My last few gallons have been...
  17. buraglio

    Pomegranate Cider/Apfelwein

    I had a pom cider that a guy in out local home brew club made and it was awesome. He used a lot less pom juice but his had a nice tart cidery flavor and the color was very nice. His recipe actually prompted me to do a raspberry cider/apfelwein. Good luck on the pom/apfelwein, I'd be very...
  18. buraglio

    Joe's Grape Mead

    I've done several versions of this mead and all have turned out pretty well. My best result w/o aging (basically following the recipe for the most part) was with 100% Illinois wildflower honey. The reaction at my local homebrew club was "this is pretty good", and my wife and myself liked it so...