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  1. DannyBoy270

    Apple pie mead recipe

    Got a recipe you'd be willing to share?
  2. DannyBoy270

    Stir in cold water to the wort during cool down. Good/Bad/Risky idea?

    I admit I haven't tried this alot, but each time I have I've felt the beer came out a little thin. And that makes sense when you think about it because instead of having your full volume of wort, you're diluting a portion of it ,granted probably planning for higher OG and IBUs to account for...
  3. DannyBoy270

    Attack of the Off-Flavor (Hop Burn?). Help!

    It's more a calculation than a measurement. Once you know what your baseline numbers are, regarding the mineral levels of your water, you can then make your salt additions off of those base numbers; and likewise manipulate your water profile to suit the style you're brewing. I focus alot on...
  4. DannyBoy270

    Dry hopping in a keg?

    Will it ruin the beer? Nah, it just may taste a little grassy vegetal if you leave them in there. I prefer to pull my dry Hops after 3-4 days. Idea being that the longer they sit in the beer the more they will extract compounds from the hops; from what Ive read and experienced most of the...
  5. DannyBoy270

    Pitched Ale Yeast at 45 Degrees on Accident

    No. As said above let it warm up to 68F or so and it'll be just fine. RDWHAHB 🍻
  6. DannyBoy270

    Attack of the Off-Flavor (Hop Burn?). Help!

    I know you said distilled water, but are you adding salts to adjust pH or just acid? Just wondering about your sulfates to Cholorides, as that would effect perceived bitterness.
  7. DannyBoy270

    Grassy profile

    Not sure if it's what you're looking for but if you leave the beer on the hops (when dry hopping) for a couple extra days you'll get a grassy flavor 🤷‍♂️
  8. DannyBoy270

    Dry hopping

    I'd leave it. If you're gonna get grassy/vegetal off flavors they've probably already been extracted at 8 days. Fwiw i usually rack my beer off my dry hops after 3 days for a variety of reasons that may or may not be legitimate lol
  9. DannyBoy270

    A Corny keg as a bottle?

    Makes sense to me. I've thought of carbing in the keg for certain styles but just haven't yet lol Two things that stuck out to me though: 1 - I'm surprised you're getting much out of the gelatin as I've always heard it's not really effective at temps above 50F. During the 10days you're letting...
  10. DannyBoy270

    All you can do is laugh....

    That sucks 😬 I had a buddy give away more or less a case of hopslam last year because of the same thing. Fwiw his starting coming back like less than a month after that. Hope you get to enjoy some of yours before its gone! 🍻
  11. DannyBoy270

    All you can do is laugh....

    Here we go again.... So first off santa brought me a fermzilla conical for Christmas, which I'm currently breaking in. I came to rant about something else, but am laughing that I read this months ago and yet still managed to stare at the 2 keg style posts for at least 20mins trying decide if...
  12. DannyBoy270

    What are you drinking now?

  13. DannyBoy270

    Beginner - wanting to start with All-Grain?

    This is what I started with, and it came with a block party amber ale extract kit that turned out okay despite sitting in my garage for about a year before getting used - long story behind that 😅 Personally I would suggest at least 1 extract batch before you jump straight in to AG. You can get...
  14. DannyBoy270

    BIAB - brew kettle and fermenter recommendations

    Before I upgraded I also did this 👍 3-3.5 gal batches in a 5 gal pot
  15. DannyBoy270

    Need advice

    Sounds like the yeast just getting to work. Eventually you'll see a full layer of krausen similar to this (pic is beer not cider tho)
  16. DannyBoy270

    Several questions for experienced all grain brewers

    1) +1 on the previous reply. If you're still concerned about the gauge could you simply remove it and put a nipple & cap fitting there in it's place? 2) No idea, does it really matter tho? 3) No expert here as I still use propane, but you sure it's not just a "heat tint" ? 4) Dry yeast has...
  17. DannyBoy270

    OG lower than in the recipe

    +1 this I'd also drop the step mash for now and just suggest just a single infusion in the range of 148-152F for about an hour.
  18. DannyBoy270

    BIAB - brew kettle and fermenter recommendations

    As the OP asked for a recommendation on equip, mine would be to worry less about the kettle and get a nicer fermenter. I have my eye on one of thos fermzilla conicals you can get for roughly $150 myself. A kettle is pretty well a kettle imo other than volume & if you want ports or not 🤷‍♂️...
  19. DannyBoy270

    BIAB - brew kettle and fermenter recommendations

    Sure, but if you want to do a bigger beer a bigger pot helps. Hence why I use a Brewer's Best 16gal kettle...not really having to worry as much about boil overs is nice too. Cheers
  20. DannyBoy270

    Yeast sunk after pitching

    Yes, and most likely...well if you consider 12-48hrs a few anyway 🍻 RDWHAHB!