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  1. Bob

    Ordinary Bitter Pride of Raubsville

    Please do! :mug:
  2. Bob

    Ordinary Bitter Pride of Raubsville

    I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D I've never tried it on nitro, because I've never played with nitro. I'm sure it couldn't hurt anything. Might call it "Bobbingtons" in that case. ;) Cheers! :mug: Bob
  3. Bob

    Ordinary Bitter Pride of Raubsville

    I look forward to it! :mug:
  4. Bob

    6-Row Gift

    Yeah, sounds like feed barley. The overwhelming majority of 6-row is unmalted animal feed. I'd thank him, hand him a beer, and also hand him the bucket back. :-)
  5. Bob

    Crystal 150 Sub-English Mild Recipe

    I disagree. Once you add a significant proportion of specialty grains/malts, the character of whatever pale malt you choose is completely overwhelmed. Moreover, plenty of world-class Mild ales are brewed without expensive floor-malted Maris Otter.
  6. Bob

    Hefeweizen with Maris Otter

    Maris Otter will make a fine Hefeweizen, as I can attest from personal experience, having brewed at least 400bbl of the stuff. ;-) I've never needed rice hulls with a 50/50 mix of pale and wheat malts, but if it'll stop you worrying, add a fistful or two. Use wheat malt, not torrefied wheat...
  7. Bob

    Crystal 150 Sub-English Mild Recipe

    I really wouldn't bother doing any of that. I'd just drop it. Without the dark crystal it will still be a fine beer. Cheers! Bob
  8. Bob

    Ordinary Bitter Pride of Raubsville

    None I can foresee. Brewers maize is often used by British breweries in Bitter. Cheers! Bob
  9. Bob

    Very First Beer - Advice

    In my experience, that's an excessive amount of 120L crystal. That stuff is potent. When used in excess the flavor is very unpleasant. Trust me; I speak from experience. :D In a beer like this I'd not exceed 4 ounces of 120L. I would add 8 ounces of 60L crystal to provide some caramel...
  10. Bob

    need help to reconstruct a mild recipe

    Agreed. Brew the mild as intended. Giving her what she wants is very unlikely with that grist. Brew her a hoppy beer later.
  11. Bob

    Recipe for a Dry Irish Stout?

    Classic Dry Irish Stout is dead simple: Grain bill: 70% 2-row 20% flaked barley 10% roasted barley Seek an OG of 1.040 to 1.045. The beer must finish dry. Avoid higher mash temperatures. Keeping in mind that a large proportion of the bitterness of DIS is from the roasted barley...
  12. Bob

    ESB Hop Schedule Advice Needed

    I'd FWH with Willamette to get ~45 IBU then add nothing more until the ferment is complete. Then I'd dry-hop the bejeebus out of it with as much EKG as I can stomach (and that, friends, is a considerable amount!). In fact, I just brewed 4bbl of English IPA in just that manner a few weeks ago...
  13. Bob

    request for receipe based on malts available

    Good, you started a new thread. ;) Like we told you in the other thread, get a sack of Pale Ale malt and experiment with modifying that rather than buying 25kg of specialty grains you won't even use. Stick with the "aroma" hops. Perle is a fabulous dual-purpose hops variety. Yeast is going to...
  14. Bob

    Belgian Strong Ale Recipe - advice please

    Congratulations! :D
  15. Bob

    Creating a SMaSH recipe

    Agreed. Though world-class pilsners are brewed with only pilsner malt and noble hops, I suspect you are not equipped to brew lager beer. If your supplier will not or cannot provide information on specific varieties of hops, opt for the "Aroma" hops. They'll be more versatile. Cheers! Bob
  16. Bob

    Advice on simple APA recipe?

    :mug: Looks yummy! :D
  17. Bob

    American Porter Coal Porter

    :mug: to all! :D Bob
  18. Bob

    Dry hopping

    I'm wondering why you chaps are crashing and then letting the beer warm again. There's no point. It's not like you stand to get more flavor out of the hops that way. Chill it, leave it cold, dry hop it. Done. Bob
  19. Bob

    Slow n' steady or quick n' intense?

    There are many benefits to leaving the beer on the yeast for a time. Listing all those reasons is beyond the scope of this thread, but I'll mention one. Yeast throw off all manner of flavor-impacting chemicals during fermentation. Some of them we want, others not so much. Leaving the beer on the...