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  1. Freezeblade

    Graham's English Cider

    I really suggest using an ale yeast, wine yeast will produce something much more like wine than cider, too dry. Cut the lime and tea in half if you're doing a half batch. You don't need to use yeast nutrient, but it'll take longer to condition, and will create the "rhino farts" if you do a...
  2. Freezeblade

    Brewing Sugars - Jaggery, Piloncillo, Turbinado...

    I've been using the same numbers for Piloncillo as Turbinado, it's very similar in flavor, but the piloncillo seems to have a bit more of a buttery taste, I assume from the mallard reactions in boiling the cane juice. Another fun one to play with is rapadura.
  3. Freezeblade

    Graham's English Cider

    A: It's just to fill headspace. As for keeping it in primary for bulk aging, I wouldn't keep it in primary for more than 3 months, even 2 is pushing it. You get some strange flavors if you let it sit on the yeast for that long.
  4. Freezeblade

    Invert Sugar - Creation, Use, Flavor, Etc.

    I'll bite on this as well. it sounds like the sort of sugar you want to use for this is sold around here has "evaporated cane juice" which is quite a bit lighter than turbinado or demerara, but certainly not as white or refined looking as the normal C&H sugar and other refined sugars you buy in...
  5. Freezeblade

    Graham's English Cider

    I can really only vouch for the recipe as written, which is without the brown sugar, honey or spices. I really think that IF you were going to do spices, which I don't recomend, that'd be far too much cloves. A much better method for adding spice (IMHO) is to mull the cider when you serve...
  6. Freezeblade

    What British yeast

    You know, I think that WYeast West Yorkshire, or While Labs Yorkshire Square Ale would be great in all of these. that or the WLP005, ringwood. They are all very malty yeasts, and would work great in all of these beers, imho.
  7. Freezeblade

    Honey Porter Recipe

    I think you won't taste the honey in there, even at 3 pounds. Personally I would add 2# of a STRONG flavored honey (buckwheat, basswood, etc.) at secondary (don't boil it), and replace half of the crystal malt with honey malt, which IMHO gives more of a honey flavor than actual honey does...
  8. Freezeblade

    Irish Red Recipe- Suggestions welcome.

    If you want some extra mouthfeel, toss in some flaked barley. my irish red looks like this (in percentages, I dont' have my beersmith here, I'm at work) MO: 81% C150: 5% Flaked Barley: 3% Roasted Barley: 1%
  9. Freezeblade

    Irish Red Recipe- Suggestions welcome.

    If you want it drier, you shouldn't be mashing at high as 154, but more like 150 or 148. Mashing higher will make it more sweet. I might also suggest replacing the C40 with a smaller or similar amount of higher-range crystal, I use C150 in my irish red, I feel it gives it a better red hue.
  10. Freezeblade

    The strangest thing I've ever put in a recipe is...

    I've added what some might consider "strange" things in my beer, as I've done a few non-hop beers bittered with Yarrow, mugwort and wormwood. Turned out quite interesting, although I will probably drop the wormwood in the future, that stuff is crazy bitter. Although, because it is bugging me...
  11. Freezeblade

    Porter recipe tweaking

    for the tangerene syrup, might I suggest a slightly different route? Boiling juice from tangerenes will cause the pectins in the fruit to set, and will lead to haze in your final beer, which will likely never go away, not to mention the varying sugar contents of using fruits. What I would do...
  12. Freezeblade

    Graham's English Cider

    It'll totally be fine, if you're really worried about it, then pitch about a half pack of fresh yeast into the bottling bucket per 5 gallons at bottling time along with the priming sugar. I've bottled when there appears to be no yeast, and they take a little longer, (like, sometimes 2 months)...
  13. Freezeblade

    Only one base malt left in the world.

    It'd have flavor? Also, my vote is for Marris Otter. all the way.
  14. Freezeblade

    Help with malt bomb

    Have you seen this thread? Might be somthing like what you're going for.
  15. Freezeblade

    Hops reccomendations for cream ale?

    I tend to do only 2 hop additions for my cream ales, I don't have my recipie in front of me (at work), but I do equal additions at First Wort Hop, and at 60mins. The IBUs going right into the center of the guidelines of the bjcp for cream ale. The First wort hop gives a smooth bittering...
  16. Freezeblade

    Hops reccomendations for cream ale?

    I usually use Willamette for my cream ales, nice and mellow, clean, with just al little earthyness.
  17. Freezeblade

    Can you Brew It recipe for Stone Arrogant Bastard

    If it's anything like the rest of the stone beers, they take the local San Diego water, dilute it 50/50 with RO water, and then use salts to get as close to London Water as possible. San Diego water profile: Ca++: 37 CO3--: 115 Cl-: 95 Mg++: 18 Na+: 83 SO4--: 160 At least, that's...
  18. Freezeblade

    East Coast Ale 2010

    Personally, this sounds like WAY too much crystal malt, especially if you count that honey malt behaves a lot like crystal malt in many ways.
  19. Freezeblade

    Smoked Scotch Ale

    I've had the Mad river "Scotch Porter" which had a little bit of smoke in it. quite good. you could shoot for something like that.