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  1. dontman

    Tried Mozz with Ricki's kit

    Me too. Not that I didn't get some okay results but that there is way too much effort for a mediocre payout. You can get better results with true raw milk but that stuff costs me $9/ gallon. I can get real Italian market made fresh mozz for about $8/ lb.
  2. dontman

    Balancing fitness with beer drinking?

    I've been working out pretty hard since April. Today something cool happened. I put on my weight belt and noticed, don't really know how I didn't notice before, that when I fully strapped it up the ends overlapped by a good 6 inches. When I started lifting the ends were at least two inches apart.
  3. dontman

    Not a brewing rut...just a lack of will

    There was a thread a while back asking whether people hit slumps in their brewing where the results were not bad, just kind of boring. At that time I was on major roll producing one great beer after another. Then I went on a brewing binge and now have seven beers on tap and I am bored with...
  4. dontman

    After 3 months of tireless workouts...

    Results like that are cool to see. I started a muscle building regime in May as a precursor to going on a crazed exercise diet. I started at 250, I just broke 200. My waist went from 42 down to 36 so far. The cool thing is that my chest has stayed at 46. My goal is 175 and a 32 inch...
  5. dontman

    Yet another reason to drink beer.

  6. BuffaloTheory


  7. dontman

    How to make a TurDuckHen

    My wife and I have a long tradition of serving a roasted duck as our Christmas dinner. This year was no exception but somehow it seemed less festive seeing this perfectly executed feast. Next year I will for sure be trying this. (BTW a couple weeks back we were invited to a Turducken party...
  8. dontman

    One Liner Jokes

    You shouldn't say anything mean about people who can't read. You should write it instead. Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't Anyone can quit smoking, it takes a real man to fight cancer I cry during sex.... ****ing Mace Before you insult a man, walk a mile in his...
  9. dontman

    Recipe critique please - Ruination knockoff

    That is waaay too much Irish Moss. A teaspoon or two should do which is about 1/20th of an oz. (Unless you meant tsp then nevermind.)
  10. dontman

    Brewing disaster

    Plus one on using a paint strainer bag as a sieve and soldiering on. No glass will make it through the bag. They don't use lead in food thermometers. Not in many lab thermos either. Much much more likely it is steel.
  11. dontman

    It's Always Sunny

    This is a friendly PSA: Now you too, can be Greenman!
  12. dontman

    Read this before you buy from

    Those are just crazy numbers. 56 reports to the BBB! And of those he ignored close to 40 of the complaints. I wonder what percentage of those ripped off report to the BBB. I bet its not more than 1 out of 5. If this is not clear evidence of an ongoing criminal enterprise I don't know what is.
  13. dontman

    Priming: Dissolved CO2 vs Temperature with one really low temp day

    Bobby, you're right that the beer will reabsorb some readily available co2. The reality is that there is only a miniscule amount of co2 to reabsorb and the pressure will never drop below atmosphere so that leaves even less available to reabsorb. For all intents and purposes then using the...
  14. dontman

    Priming: Dissolved CO2 vs Temperature with one really low temp day

    You've got it backwards. As the temp lowers dissolved co2 increases, so you should use the higher temp. But you are correct, once the co2 is gone the beer does not reabsorb it if the temp falls. This is because the higher the temp the lower the amount of co2 in the beer. So you always use the...
  15. dontman

    Devils on Beer Labels

    I like beers with dogs on the label or name.
  16. dontman

    Merry Christmas - 4th Infected Brew

    This is very possible, even likely, as Lambic and other sour beer brewers count on this fact when infecting their batches with wild yeasts harbored in the structure of the brewery. Their batches are dosed with the "house blend" of bugs very reliably simply from being exposed to the environment...
  17. dontman

    Official 2009 Pay it Forward Thread!

    I just started a new low fat regimen. This could work nicely for me if it is still available.
  18. dontman

    2009 Christmas present thread

    Sweet on the stout faucet. I was surprised how much I loved mine when I got it. It is just a cool piece of equipment.
  19. dontman

    Espresso brewers, roasters, lovers...

    I've dealt with CCM a couple times. I wish I could remember the specifics but something made me stop ordering from them. I know, very vague, but I honestly don;t remember why I have a bad recollection of them. If you are looking for a supplier of cheap non-artisan grade beans try out...
  20. dontman

    Both bags of malt are hard, not powder?

    It takes the same amount of time to make a five gallon batch as it does to make a one gallon batch. If all I got was a gallon of beer for each batch that I brewed I would have quit this hobby about 300 batches ago. If I were you I would buy the ingredients for a full five gallon batch and...