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  1. bovineblitz

    East coast yeast Bug County shelf life (ECY20)

    At 1 year 2 months I had an ECY vial take off quickly in 13.2 gallons.
  2. bovineblitz

    American Wheat Beer Zest Bomb - Citrus Wheat Pale Ale

    That certainly sounds interesting, roasted citrus comes off a lot sweeter to me. Galaxy sounds good, it'll be a lot more tropical-fruity but that's certainly not bad. Def report back! You can really sub anything for that bittering charge. I'd use either the Cascade or the Willamette.
  3. bovineblitz

    American Wheat Beer Zest Bomb - Citrus Wheat Pale Ale

    Basically none, sounds like you were just more efficient than expected. Was it a 5gal batch?
  4. bovineblitz

    Goat Milk Stout

    What if you made the milk into kefir, then blended THAT into a beer?
  5. bovineblitz

    New way to control Pellet Hop gunk!

    I have a 300 and it gets clogged towards the end of the boil if it's loaded up with a ton of hops. I don't mind and it works really well all around. I think if I were to constantly recirculate I'd go with the bigger diameter.
  6. bovineblitz

    Trve Dregs?

    I had a few of their sours at a festival recently, was a big fan.
  7. bovineblitz

    ECY on right now!

    I kind of agree that it's getting old, but the cultures are great, and they're excellent when repitched as well in my experience. Once you buy a couple cultures, you don't need to rush to get more. If you're a first time buyer though it's very frustrating. I've personally had bad experiences...
  8. bovineblitz

    15 Gallon Solera Primary

    I think it'd be fine. The ECY was over a year old, and a spontaneous fermentation would have waaay less of an initial cell count.
  9. bovineblitz

    No boil beer
  10. bovineblitz

    15 Gallon Solera Primary

    Mixing them is fine. Hell, pitching just the single pack of Roeselare is fine too, my single ECY20 pitch into 13.5 gallons took off surprisingly fast.
  11. bovineblitz

    ECY on right now!

    Nope never gotten ropiness.
  12. bovineblitz

    Sanctuary Gose

    Sounds good, I be the lemon is gonna be great. If berliner is the 'lemonade of beer', gose is the gatorade!
  13. bovineblitz


    Not him, but I pitched a single vial into 13.5 gallons and it turned out excellent.
  14. bovineblitz

    Solera Question

    Are you trying to change the flavor profile of the solera by growing up a significant population of bugs outside the barrel? I mean, there's nothing wrong with doing that, but to me it kinda feels... not solera-ish. To answer your original question, I'd let it ferment and rack off the trub, no...
  15. bovineblitz

    Rye Saison Q: Brett or mixed?

    I think the Rue has just brett. Terreux isn't a specific beer it's the wild branch of the Bruery now. Most of their stuff has bacteria. Love Child definitely has bacteria. If you pitch dregs from stuff with bacteria you're likely to get quite a bit of tartness too, I can't tell if you're...
  16. bovineblitz

    Raw Ale / No Boil

    I don't have a lot, most of what I've picked up is conversation on Milk the Funk and this awesome blog post. I'll def post info about my raw semi-spontaneous sour when it's done, but I'm probably looking at 6 months minimum.
  17. bovineblitz

    Raw Ale / No Boil

    The risk is that proteins are going to degrade/go bad, right? In a sour, you're relying on 'spoilage' microbes that are going to feast on those proteins and clean them out. I've heard from a commercial brewer that raw is as stable as boiled in a mixed culture fermentation. I imagine in 6...
  18. bovineblitz

    Raw Ale / No Boil

    Haha yeah, definitely seems like we're on the same wavelength. Gotcha, that sounds good. Def share the results!
  19. bovineblitz

    Looking for feedback before starting my first Solera

    Found your MTF post! Sometimes it's hit or miss over there. Typically for initial pitch I've always just pitched a single vial of whatever blend I'm using. It's always worked well, and it's a massive underpitch, particularly if we're talking a Wyeast or White Labs blend. And that single vial...