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  1. SuperflyCookiePuss

    Three Great Craft Brewers in Melbourne, Australia

    There is a lot of excellent craft brewing happening in Melbourne, Australia, and we were lucky enough to sample a good amount of it during a recent visit to this fine city. I don’t know that I could ever choose a favorite, but we did find three brewers who standout in this sea of talented beer...
  2. SuperflyCookiePuss

    A Complete Guide to Craft Beer in Singapore

    A guide to finding craft beer breweries, beer bars, hawkers (food stall centers) and bottle shops in Singapore. For a tiny island there seems to be new options popping up all the time. See you at the bar craft beer lovers!
  3. SuperflyCookiePuss

    An Interview w/John Pemberton, Partner & CEO Heart of Darkness Craft Brewery in Saigon

    Craft is blowing up in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Here's an interview with the CEO of one of the top brewers in the region.
  4. SuperflyCookiePuss

    Craft Beer - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Hello Craft Beer Lovers. I made it to Ho Chi Minh City recently to check out the craft beer scene. I found some great beer and really nice people. Here are the photos and details for anyone who's interested. I'm currently...
  5. SuperflyCookiePuss

    Craft Beer Osaka

    I have noticed there's not a lot on Asia's craft beers here. Right now I'm in Asia and I'm checking out the craft breweries as part of my travels, so I thought I would start posting links to what I find for those who are interested. Here is the first from Osaka, Japan...
  6. SuperflyCookiePuss

    Hong Kong Brewery Recommendations

    I'm heading to Hong Kong in about a month and will be checking out Young Master, but I would like to try a few others too. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks