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  1. PVH

    BJCP category for Rye Weizenbock

    Thanks guys. I think just saying it's a 15C with rye should do it. What about indicating the percentage of rye used or the intended intensity of the rye?
  2. PVH

    BJCP category for Rye Weizenbock

    For those who enter BJCP-sanctioned competitions - what category do you think is appropriate for my Weizenbock with noticeable rye flavor (20% of the grist)? It's possible that some could miss the rye and think the spiciness is yeast-derived, but I think the astringency and characteristic rye...
  3. PVH

    LP to natural gas regulator

    Is anyone aware of a regulator that will allow me to use propane with my natural gas burner? I have searched around but I'm pretty ignorant on this subject so I am having trouble finding anything. Thanks.
  4. PVH

    Stuck Wyeast 2308 - but don't need conventional advice

    I have a 1.081 Doppelbock stuck at 1.030, using Wyeast 2308 (Munich Lager), third pitch with more than enough cells to get the job done, plenty of O2. Mashed at 155. Fermentation schedule is start at 48F, raise to 50F, 50F for two weeks, 60F for one week. I am expecting 1.020 or at most 1.025...
  5. PVH

    How to keep stainless fermenters at 70F?

    Another option is immersing the fermenter in a large cooler or tub and using an aquarium heater to maintain warmer temps. Most have their own thermostat that goes down to 68 or 70F. You can get pretty stable and precise control.
  6. PVH

    Great Wedding Beer Experience

    A good friend got married last year. He decided to rent a huge house near Breckenridge, CO for the wedding, the reception, and two days partying on either side. Of course, he would have to provide the booze. I had the great pleasure of accompanying him to one of the massive beer stores we...
  7. PVH

    How Do I Put This?

    OP, a woman, used the term "sanctioned semi-strange." I must step up my game lest I fall hopelessly behind.
  8. PVH

    Imperial IIPA recipe, suggestions?

    Yes, the longer you boil the hops the more bitterness you will achieve. Your brewing software is doing the calculation for you. Consider this approach to designing the hop bill for an IIPA recipe. Hop flavor and aroma are critical in an IIPA, so nail down your late additions first. The short...
  9. PVH

    Imperial IIPA recipe, suggestions?

    IMO, this is the beer where you go all out on the hops. I would double at least some of the late additions. Also, you say you want a sweet beer, but like bob says, your recipe probably goes too far there. The Dextrose will help (btw you might as well use table sugar. It's cheaper.) and you...
  10. PVH

    15 Gallon Conical Fermenter Cooling System

    How much SS coil do you think you really need? I wonder if a "U" extending a foot or so into the fermenting beer would be enough.
  11. PVH

    NHC 2012 First Round Scoresheets

    I hear you man. I had a 21A score a 42 in Denver and not even advance to mini BOS. Must have been lots of good beers.
  12. PVH

    Noob question about storing and temp

    Keep in mind that immersing the fermenter in water is not as much a way of cooling the fermenting beer as keeping its temperature steady. Even if you get large ambient temperature swings in your main living area, you can maintain a stable temp with enough water. Take a cooler or bin, fill it...
  13. PVH

    My Modest Basement Pub.

    A stripper pole is a good idea, but wood may not be the best material for long term use.
  14. PVH

    How important is fermenting temp?

    On a scale of 1 to 2, 1 meaning it does not matter and 2 meaning it is critical, fermentation temp is a 2. There are a ton of ways to keep the temp down. Do a search for a simple swamp cooler and read up. It won't work as well in your part of the country, but you could always add ice.
  15. PVH

    One brew day, 3 brews

    If you can swing it, 2 kettles will reduce your brewing time significantly since bringing the wort to a boil, the boil itself, chilling, and whirlpooling/settling all happen in the kettle. If you mash in on the second batch right after cleaning out the first mash, that second mash will have to...
  16. PVH

    How do you make GOOD homebrew?

    Problem solved. Your off flavors are coming from this person's phone.
  17. PVH

    Local Beer is Better Beer

    No - the authors establish that buying a product that is produced locally does not benefit the locality more than buying an identical product produced somewhere else. They took quality out of the equation to knock down the notion that buying local is better just because the product was produced...
  18. PVH

    Best solution for cleaning beer lines

    Whenever I soak a keg in oxiclean or PBW, I'll throw in some beer line. I always disassemble and starsan my kegs before storage, so the lines get a good starsaning as well. Both PBW and oxiclean seem to do a good job. I can't see taking the time to come up with a special process for...
  19. PVH

    is this illegal?

    That's right, you could trade your beer for silver, or for jewelry, or for diamonds, but not dollars. Hot dern I'm opening a beer stand tomorrow!
  20. PVH

    is this illegal?

    Holy crap! guazzastrip just figured out a loophole that allows us all to sell our beer! Well done, sir.