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  1. Donasay

    6 ball lock cornelius kegs $100

    I listed 6 rinsed ball lock cornelius kegs on craigslist for $100. Shipping these is not economical, so if you are in the Boston area, it is worth messaging me and picking them up. E-mail me through craigslist as my inbox here is full. Link to the posting. 6 Cornelius Homebrew Kegs
  2. Donasay

    Grocery stores and the retards who work there.

    I once made one of the retards at a grocery store in VT cry... Apparently she was upset that my friends and I all shared the same grocery discount card and didn't like that I paid for some stuff with $22 so I could get a 10 or two fives back in change. Then when I tried to correct her change...
  3. Donasay

    The death of Michael Jackson

    I am sorry to say that I heard Michael Jackson died today. I must raise a glass to this great of the beer world. If you all don't know of his many accomplishments, let me refresh your memory: The modern theory of beer style is largely...
  4. Donasay

    Do you wear bedroom slippers to the liqour store?

    Why don't we get our terminology straight here. There is a big difference between slippers and house shoes. I have a feeling you are referring to house shoes and not slippers. But I could be wrong.
  5. Donasay

    Mario Kart Wii

    I use the old gamecube wavebird controller. Those things rock!
  6. Donasay

    Parti-Gyle planning help

    If you left the caramunich and special b out of the mash, and then steeped the caramunich and special b in a bag to get color and flavor (as you would with an extract brew) that will give you a wider range of styles to work with for your second beer. Remember, you can always steep some grains...
  7. Donasay

    Genius to moron in 60 seconds

    So umm do you feel like linking to this thing that made you feel not so smart.
  8. Donasay

    What size mash tun

    As big as you can find...
  9. Donasay

    What to do, what to do? Advice needed

    check the gravity again, in a couple of days if it doesn't change in 3 days bottle it up.
  10. Donasay

    Guess who got a bread machine... This guy!

    When I used to make the no knead bread recipe, I would mix all of the ingredients in a one gallon zip lock bag and let it sit overnight in the bag. It saved on a ton of mess around the kitchen, just dump it out of the bag and into the hot dutchoven.
  11. Donasay

    Guess who got a bread machine... This guy!

    I used the dough function to make a nice round sourdough loaf using the oven. The thing rose in 3 hours instead of the usual overnight. I consider that a win right there!
  12. Donasay

    Guess who got a bread machine... This guy!

    Hey I just got a bread machine and I am loving every minute of it. Do you guys have any tested recipes that you would recommend I try. I am on the search for a few good ones and I have an excellent 11 grain bread recipe that has come out well. This weekend I am going to try a chocolate bread...
  13. Donasay

    Hello from Boston with a question

    Another welcome from Boston. Seeing as how you are in the area might I just pitch joining our local homebrew club the worts. The website is The Boston Wort Processors and we have meetings every month where we sample eachother's beer and talk about beer etc.
  14. Donasay

    Tax Question

    There is always the option of going to someone like HR block and having them re-do your taxes from last year as well and the year before as well. You might be able to get some of that money back if you were not a resident.
  15. Donasay

    FREE STAINLESS!! Kegerator?

    Knock out the glass and replace it with plexy or lexan, should be relatively cheap and can be done by almost anyone.
  16. Donasay

    So should I move it or sell it?

    Says the man who scored the awesome brew rig right out from under the rest of us!
  17. Donasay

    So should I move it or sell it?

    I tried to get rid of all the glass secondaries, but the other person who wanted them never picked them up. The glass secondaries are just gathering dust as I use the kegs to secondary. But you do bring up a good point, I could get rid of all of my glass (so it doesn't break in transport) and...
  18. Donasay

    So should I move it or sell it?

    Got to keep the pipeline flowing. I use them to secondary as well as serve. and with the ability to do 30 gallons a week, if I was running at full capacity. it would not be excessive.
  19. Donasay

    So should I move it or sell it?

    This isn't a "dibs if you sell it" thing I am really looking for advice about moving a brewery. With regards to the additional cost, the estimate from the moving company was based on linear feet in a cargo truck with a minimum of 10 linear feet. I figured my brewery would take up an additional 3...
  20. Donasay

    Thick mash vs. thin mash?

    I crammed 31 lbs into a 10g cooler once, learned never to do that again.