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  1. Sir Sudster

    Hops Direct now accepting orders

    Thanks for the tip. I've been waiting on but spring has come early here.... so I went ahead and bit the bullet. I've had good luck with these folks and am hoping they are as generous with their roots as they are with their flowers.
  2. Sir Sudster

    Turd in the Tub

    This is the funniest thing I have heard today! ROFLMAO!
  3. Sir Sudster

    I'm done with AG.

    Dan, it takes a special kind of person to stay AG. The love of the hobby makes us want to achieve the best it can be. Going all-grain does mean more control and more to control. It doesn't mean your beers are going to be any better. If your good ,consistent and comfortable with PM then that's...
  4. Sir Sudster

    Opinions, please. First beer I'm designing (sorta'...)

    Or share it with your virtual drinkin buddies.:D
  5. Sir Sudster

    Opinions, please. First beer I'm designing (sorta'...)

    You are probably going to have to run this recipe a few times while adjusting the hop schedule. One suggestion I have is to adjust your OG down to the 1.056. If it were me I would adjust it to about 1.048. The 6.7% abv is a bit too much bite for this beer. IMHO It's a real interesting grain...
  6. Sir Sudster

    Funky off flavors in AG Doppelbock

    Biermann, give the heavies at least a year. Try to keep the temperature as stable as possible. I think you'll be surprised if you can tolerate the wait.
  7. Sir Sudster

    Harvesting Yeast from "Unfiltered" Primary

    Evan, go with HB Bill's suggestion. BTW , I love that yeast too!
  8. Sir Sudster

    Effic. Sucks......

    I think its your PH. Order some 5.2 Ph buffer from your LHBS. I bet you'll see at least a 10%-20% difference in your efficiency.
  9. Sir Sudster

    401k rollover? IRA?

    I'm with The Bird, I strongly suggest the Vanguard fund. Fidelity left a real bad taste in my mouth during the crash of 2000. Good Luck.
  10. Sir Sudster

    Ever want to crucify someone?

    Yeah, and then a dip in an alcohol bath ..just to clean him up a bit.
  11. Sir Sudster

    Help with Promash

    The problem with ProMash is it assumes you have the means to heat your mash tun to mash out temperatures. Before I added steam , and then HERMS to my system I would add a few quarts of boiling water to the mash tun at mash out, stir and slowly bring my mash up to my mash out temp. ie...
  12. Sir Sudster

    Mashing with too much water

    Sorry Begee, but you have to answer that as a question.
  13. Sir Sudster

    VOTE: Shirt Design

    Sorry Txbrew , just now saw this. Ian's design has 3 colors if put on a white t shirt. It has 4 colors if put on any thing other than white. One can use a white background(white T-shirt) to simulate the color. If you want a colored t-shirt then white ink will have to be used creating the need...
  14. Sir Sudster

    Mashing with too much water

    OK, here's the question: What other than PH and mash thickness makes Begee's beer so bad. :confused:
  15. Sir Sudster


    Is that one of your baby pictures you just posted?:D
  16. Sir Sudster

    Worst Album Covers

    "Let me touch him"??? Are those four guys a Catholic Priest quartet?
  17. Sir Sudster

    Boxers or Briefs

    I didn't see thongs in this poll ...wuz-up with that?:rockin:
  18. Sir Sudster

    Let's talk mash analysis!

    After reading the posts by the gentlemen above I'm wondering if your efficiency concerns should be more focused on your processing parameters. Parameters such as mash ph/temp/time, sparge time/temp, water analysis and final volume.
  19. Sir Sudster

    VOTE: Shirt Design

    The Beer Gods conversations took place during the El Pistolero days of Moderation. Those who have been here awhile remember Yeastivus and Hopstrus. I played the forum as a meeting place for homebrewers and these gods that tempt us. A Firkin is an old english unit of volume which is equal...
  20. Sir Sudster

    Post a pic--let's see your ugly mugs

    Yeah, lots a Ole People! :D