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  1. JRapp

    Making Soda at Home - The Giveaway!

    Hopefully it can help me pull of something better than the last Ginger Ale!
  2. JRapp

    Recipe Conversion: Vienna lager to Belgian dark strong....

    A long long time ago, perhaps in March I purchased all the ingredients for a Vienna Lager, Partial Mash. I jammed all the ingredients in the fridge/freezer and just never got around to it. Now that my basement is a nice 75*F and I am out of my bottled big beers I am wondering if I can convert...
  3. JRapp

    The Brew Stand Incredible Giveaway

    Surely I'll win this time!
  4. JRapp

    Sudden floating chunks!

    Ok, so I made my 1st all cider about 3 months ago, an English dry. Had it in primary bucket maybe a 2 months, transferred over to secondary carboy and it was not only super tasty, but crystal clear. I mean crazy clear, very little sediment moved with it(im a beer brewer). Pop a T-shirt onto...
  5. JRapp

    Graff (Malty, slightly hopped cider)

    Just bottled my version of this, Hydro sample tasted good, although suprisingly sweet at 1.012. 4 gallons various juices. 1 gallon water 1lb amber DME 1lb Light DME .5lb Turbidino sugar 4oz crystal 60 3oz crystal 90 2oz honey malt (I went a little overboard) 2oz of I forget...
  6. JRapp

    Graff (Malty, slightly hopped cider)

    Just got my ingredients today but altered it a bit, I wanted it fairly sweeter but will this be too sweet? 4oz Caramal 60 4oz caramel 90 2oz Honey Malt 2oz Carapils. Its not a huge difference. Also I have safale 04 and Notty, unsure what one I want to go to go with att, probably...
  7. JRapp

    MillerCoors to make high ABV beer to compete with liquor drinking youth

    I actually need it today at Meijers and was really surprised, they call it a 6.9% Golden Lager. Im slightly curious.
  8. JRapp

    American Pale Ale 8 Parsec Pale Ale BIAB/PM

    As I have changed over from all extract to Partial Mash/BIABS I always have to go and convert all the recipes I imitate over from either extract or AG, so I decided that when I make a decent PM of my own i'll post it up for any other people like me who like or have to do Partial Mashes This...
  9. JRapp

    Does using a few different brands of cider/AJ increase complexity?

    Is their any benefit whatsoever from using a medley of juices? So I have 3 gal Motts, 1 gal of a cider and 1 gallon of another fancy A. juice. I know if pressing apples using many types of apples adds complexity, will it make a difference if using store bought pasturized? Thanks!
  10. JRapp

    Graff (Malty, slightly hopped cider)

    Im stoked to try this over the weekend. I started reading about mead and got excited for that(I live down the street from Ken Schramms and B. Nektar) but honey is expensive so I decided on cider instead. Sadly I dont feel like messing around with backsweetening so the thought of just mini...
  11. JRapp

    Belgian Yeast in Cider?

    :off:This. That is extremely Neopolitan, I just had to laugh because thats exactly how it would go down. When I lived out in Licola I just ordered everything offline, could find a damn thing local even though everyone makes there own wine/cheese/Liquor.(I was doing beer only att) One good...
  12. JRapp

    Belgian Yeast in Cider?

    Double post!
  13. JRapp

    Wow! Apfelwein is good

    So you just racked poured the AJ directly onto the trub cake? Thats sounds easy, I love easy.... I might try a cider on my upcoming Wyeast London ale 3 yeast as well as on my WLP 570. Also got 3lb of local honey around, experimenting with booze is fun!
  14. JRapp

    Water Report Google Map - Add Your Info!

    Ive been wanting to get my water report, but conveniently someone already posted a report from right down the road! Only been in the works a few days and already its been of help! Great Idea!
  15. JRapp

    Lots of foam but no airlock activity

    Im having the same problem right now, Split my batch into 2, carboy is going nuts, my ale pale has no airlock activity but much foam. Should I rack it out of the ale pale sooner due to this most likely crappy seal or not even worry about it?
  16. JRapp

    Hops to use for a Ginger IPA

    I actually seen that Honey Ginger Recipe, looked good and really its one of the recipies I looked at to get my 7ozish quantity, just wanted to get the ABV up a little into the IPA range with a whole lot of citrus hop presence, a little ginger heat with a bit of ginger flavor and aroma mixed in...
  17. JRapp

    Hops to use for a Ginger IPA

    Any recomendations? I'm looking at maybe 5-7oz of ginger with 20 minutes left in the boil, and maybe 2 oz ginger as a dry hop. I dont have the recipe worked out yet, but would like to take recomendations on what hops would work well with the ginger, I want it to have absurd hop...
  18. JRapp

    Bray's One Month Mead

    Only semi related question! I have a beer right now in primary with 1388, a 5.6% belgian pale ale. I was looking for something to do to reuse the yeast with it once I bottle the beer and never thought of Mead. In a few weeks my brew club has someone from a cider mill coming around with his...