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  1. jfrizzell

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Since today is the only day for the foreseeable future that will be above zero!, I'm brewing two batches. Little Sumpin Sumpin and Jamil's Evil Twin.
  2. jfrizzell

    Pot Filling Cam-Lock Adapter w/Valve

    Ha! It's on my to do list.
  3. jfrizzell

    Pot Filling Cam-Lock Adapter w/Valve

    While brewing on my brew stand setup a few weeks ago, I realized I needed a better way to fill my pots than just dropping the hose in and turning the valve on at the wall. I have cam-lock quick connects on all my pots, so I came up with the following. There's a B type Cam-Lock fitting, a...
  4. jfrizzell

    Any Chest Freezers on Sale for Black Friday?

    Best Buy has a 7.2 cu ft. Igloo unit on sale for $179. I picked one up to use for fermentation. Now to find a good deal on a temperature controller.
  5. jfrizzell

    Inline TC Gasket Filters?!?

    Doesn't seem like a good idea. If you're using a false bottom in the bottom of your MLT, I think it would be best to just vorlauf and use the grain bed as the filter. If you have a pump, you can recirculate the output of the MLT back into the top of the MLT and you'll get very good filtration...
  6. jfrizzell

    Ball valve parts question

    This might be an option:
  7. jfrizzell

    Chronical Fermenter by SS Brewing Technologies

    Over 1000 people on the waiting list? Holy wow!
  8. jfrizzell

    keggle polish help!!
  9. jfrizzell

    DIY Walk In Cooler Build

    What regulators are you using for this? I'm assuming the Swagelok needle valves are just being used as shut-offs?
  10. jfrizzell

    My new brew system, a brutus 10 with some nice modifications

    Do you have a pilot burner and a thermocouple connected to the valve? Without a thermocouple to verify the pilot flame, the valve will not open. Also, do you have the off/pilot/on knob set to on?
  11. jfrizzell

    Sid's One Vessel All Grain Brewing System

    Hose water is cool, but you might want to get one of those white RV drinking water hoses. Green hoses seem to really funk up the taste of your water.
  12. jfrizzell

    Burnt crud in pot

    Yeah, I'm thinking some of the flour must have settled on the bottom of the pot and scorched. Time will tell if there is any flavor impact. As for the color, now that it's fermenting, it's actually lightening up quite a bit. There was a big dose of hops at whirlpool so it's possible part of...
  13. jfrizzell

    New Belgium/Lost Abbey "Brett Beer"

    The interview with Lauren Salazar says it's filtered, not pasteurized. Either way the result is the same, no brett left in the bottle. They do pasteurize their sour beers such as La Folie.
  14. jfrizzell

    Burnt crud in pot

    I brewed up a 12 gallon batch of Saison this weekend. It was a bit of a fustercluck of a day and a few things went wrong. Now I'm trying to figure out what exactly happened. First off, my mill was acting up and I ended up getting a crush that was quite a bit finer than normal. with quite a...
  15. jfrizzell

    Keg Score

    After years of checking Craigslist for deals on Corny kegs, I finally scored two tonight for $25 each! Now up to 5 kegs in good working condition and 3 that are in need of some parts and TLC.
  16. jfrizzell

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    If all goes according to plan, I'll be brewing a double batch of a Tank 7 clone, splitting it and using Wyeast 3724 on both halves, but hitting one half with Brett C once primary finishes.
  17. jfrizzell

    Homemade Mash Paddle Pics

    Here's mine. Made from a scrap piece of maple I've had laying around, leftover from another project.
  18. jfrizzell

    Where to buy brett cultures?

    Any particular reason you want to avoid the two most popular yeast suppliers?
  19. jfrizzell

    Natural Fermentation?

    Let her ride and see what you get.
  20. jfrizzell

    direct fire rims temp

    I'm far from an expert on the subject since I've only brewed two batches on my new setup (direct fired RIMS), but I set my controller to the mash temperature and it seemed to work well. I'm measuring the temperature in a tee at the outlet valve on the mash tun. It stands to reason that if the...