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  1. fbold1

    Spring 2024 Corny Keg Giveaway

    My latest brew was a belgian saison, still in the primary, looking forward to tasting this one!!
  2. fbold1

    Thinking of going to a simpler brew system from my current 3 "pot" system.

    My Vevor unit was right on the indicated temperature.
  3. fbold1

    Why does big mouth bubbler have threads?

    The original screw on lids did not seal well, so they started using the push in tops. I had to buy the newer style, they should have replaced them for free.
  4. fbold1

    1970s "Dark" Beer?

    I’d probably have to search for it and drive 50 miles to find it.😟
  5. fbold1

    1970s "Dark" Beer?

    In the 70’s, I used to look forward to Genesee Bock, in late winter and early spring.
  6. fbold1

    Who bottle conditions 34/70?

    Nice thing about bottling is that you can test one after a certain amount of time and see how it is, then log your results.
  7. fbold1

    When to Pitch 34/70

    W34-70 is one of my favorites, German lager from Weihenstephan. very active, leave plenty of headspace. I have pitched warm (80 F) with great results.
  8. fbold1

    Ohio Akron, Ohio area homebrewers

    When Mike opened the store in that little shopping center, I was so glad to have a local store. He has come a long way, expanding the business. I used to drive to Westlake to buy beer ingredients and equipment. Mike has a great selection.
  9. fbold1

    Ohio Akron, Ohio area homebrewers

    I’m further west, near Berlin Heights, 1/2 mile from Quarry Hill Winery. Home Brew Ohio in Sandusky is a really good store, it has grown and moved twice to larger locations, with online sales being most of their business and some free shipping deals. Label Peelers has great prices and good...
  10. fbold1

    50 amp control panel need help troubleshooting

    Coil wired right, correct coil voltage?
  11. fbold1

    Northern Brewer Replacement

    Southern Home Brew has some great deals as does Label Peelers .I also have a great local supplier, Home Brew Ohio.
  12. fbold1

    Will this cheap 3500 watt induction burner work?

    About 4 gallons. The diameter of my pot is 12". The size of the the top surface of the unit is 11" x 11", it probably would be less efficient if the pot had a larger diameter.
  13. fbold1

    Will this cheap 3500 watt induction burner work?

    Well I have had my 3500 watt unit for some time but just used it for the first time, yesterday. I had been using a 1800 watt Duxtop. I would say the results were amazing, fast boil, and great control of the boil to prevent boil over messes. I am very happy with the results. By the way, I...
  14. fbold1

    How-to's, tips, hints. give me your knowledge

    Check out Label Peelers, with their specials I can usually get supplies for less than my local hbs. I have had good luck with the wine expert World vineyard series.
  15. fbold1

    HomebrewSupply Recipe Giveaway

    Irish red extract
  16. fbold1

    Looks like Pioneer Breaker is still cheating us

    I don't think that I would do business with this company. read this, of course the picture included with the article is wrong, but you get the idea.
  17. fbold1

    Easy Wide Mouth Bubbler Modification

    I've had sealing problems with my lid too, needs an o-ring or gasket. I like to use a step drill instead of a hole saw, just be careful to stop at the right size.
  18. fbold1

    Craft The Perfect Draft 220 Volt Wiring

    I wouldn't get too hung up on people calling it 110 or 220 or 440. I remember as a kid it was 117 volts instead of 120. what your power company delivers should be fine. Saying that, the village where I am a plant electrician was giving us low voltage last summer. What was supposed to be 2300...
  19. fbold1

    The Brewmasters: Steven Dresler - Sierra Nevada

    I never tried Sierra Nevada before reading this article. Maybe it was the label that never attracted me, (marketing guys take note), after trying it, it is great beer!