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  1. Oginme

    Spring 2024 Corny Keg Giveaway

    My last brew was a Blonde Ale made with Enigma hops.
  2. Oginme

    Beersmith Color Estimates

    This has long been an issue in the software property label. The numbers actually reflect the Lovibond value reported by the manufacturers. The program has it labeled as SRM, but Brad has stated that the correct labeling should be Lovibond. Inputting SRM numbers into the program really messes...
  3. Oginme

    Random Picture Thread

    Was there last night.
  4. Oginme


    Actually, Blichmann is pretty good with warranty claims and quick replacements of parts.
  5. Oginme

    INKBIRD NEW PRODUCT GIVEAWAY!!! - 4 IN 1 Digital pH Meter

    Very cool to have all four capabilities at such a great price point.
  6. Oginme


    As others have said, contact Anvil/Blichmann. They responded to the couple of issues I have had (1st gen Foundry) very quickly and sent me what was needed to get the machine back up and running, including upgrading the fuse with a breaker at no charge.
  7. Oginme

    Corny Keg Corny 5G Cooler Giveaway

    I like to take my homebrew to fairs where I share it with the rest of my livestock exhibitor friends after the crowds have gone home. It gives us a reason to stay up well past midnight talking and enjoying each other's company!
  8. Oginme

    BeerSmith brewing steps accuracy

    As with any brewing software, the 'steps' and outcome are only as good as the assumptions made to construct the profiles (for BeerSmith the equipment profile and mash profile) when customizing them to reflect the typical values you get with your system. The stock profiles which come with the...
  9. Oginme

    Small batches on Anvil Foundry 6.5?

    If I were to repeat a small batch, what I would do is to get a mesh to cover the bottom of the kettle, then use my BIAB bag and clip it so that it is hanging with the bottom right at the mesh or grate, skipping the basket all together.
  10. Oginme

    Small batches on Anvil Foundry 6.5?

    Your real issue is the dead space under the basket. I measured 3.29 liters (0.87 gal) under the bottom level of the basket. It would be a challenge making anything smaller than 8 liters (2.1 gal) and your efficiency would suffer greatly based upon my past experience. I tested trying to make a...
  11. Oginme

    All in one system sparging

    I have an Anvil 6.5 gal Foundry system. It is one of the first generation models. I have experimented with sparging and no sparge and regularly do no sparge as my standard practice. My efficiency ranges from 83% to 85% for mash efficiency and 78% to 80% for brew house efficiency. I have...
  12. Oginme

    Beersmith water profile questions

    The water adjustment in BeerSmith works fine, but it only does what you tell it to do. What profile are you trying to match? I would highly recommend using a profile based upon your recipe color and style. If you look down the stock profiles in BeerSmith, there should be a profile for yellow...
  13. Oginme

    I'm dying ...

    Always good to hear Yooper on the podcast!
  14. Oginme


    Good point. I do a slow pull up and never really let the basket come out of the wort fully. The object is just to allow the water from the sides of the basket to mix with the wort to lessen the difference in gravity between the two. Then slowly allow the basket to settle back down into the...
  15. Oginme


    Set up a couple of times during the mash when you pull the mash pipe up and allow the water trapped on the sides between the mash pipe and the outer walls to get mixed in. If you are doing a 60 minute mash, I would recommend at 30 minutes and then again at 50 minutes into the mash.
  16. Oginme

    BrewChatter Brew Zilla/Robo Brew Giveaway

    Wonderful set up! Glad to be offered a chance!
  17. Oginme

    Hi from NH, USA

    Welcome to the group and the hobby from New Ipswich!
  18. Oginme

    How accurate are the Mash Profiles on Beersmith 3?

    As bailey mountain brewer stated, it is only as accurate as your equipment profile allows it to be. If you have the wrong volume assumptions in your equipment profile, it may be reflected in inaccurate volumes for your mash and sparge. I also highly recommend making sure that the mash profile...
  19. Oginme


    In the early models (such as mine), John Blichmann stated that the temperature probe and indicator was calibrated to be the most accurate for mash temperatures, which meant that given the type of thermocouple/thermistor they used, it would not be accurate at boiling temperatures or at room...