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  1. dnr

    CT Brewers Check-In

    Tried to go yesterday, but we pulled up and they said they were closed for construction. So we went to a spot in downtown Milford with pretty good food. My wife had a Wachusett blueberry wheat ale, I had a Duvel and the Lagunitas Newcastle. Usually I do local stuff, but I haven't tried either...
  2. dnr

    Creating an NA (Or...how I neutered my beer)

    I am a bit of a sipper. If it's in my hand, I'm sipping. And then it's gone. This is why I'm not a fan of liquor. I just keep sipping. I learned I needed a water, a soda, a beer and a whiskey. That way I was always sipping. My wife balls it my sippy cup syndrome. Sip, sip.
  3. dnr

    Is this normal?

    Looks like our ABV is showing, boys. :bigmug:
  4. dnr

    New post a picture of your pint

    HB extra pale ale with Earl Grey tea and lemon zest.
  5. dnr

    CT Brewers Check-In

    My wife, son and I are gonna grab an app at Dockside tomorrow. It's been packed and is close to home. Hopefully it's good. I heard their head brewer was from Stony Creek, which I don't love, but the beers seem like they'd be up my alley.
  6. dnr

    Worst Craft Beer Of ALL-TIME!

    There's a difference between the normal session IPAs and these new low cal ones. A bunch of breweries are doing them, and I think they are trying to cross into the hard Seltzer but still beer territory. None of them are very good. I'd rather have a salad with a good beer than a burger with a...
  7. dnr

    Suggestions For A Better Immersion Wort Chiller

    After my last brew day, with groundwater getting warmer, I'm looking into building my own immersion chiller. It beats a bathtub full of water overnight.
  8. dnr

    Cleaning questions

    Wipe from front to back. Never back to front.
  9. dnr

    You know you're a home brewer when?

    I can't tell if you're taking about a boil over or drunken incontinence. :drunk:
  10. dnr

    LHBS Inventory

    As someone who started brewing during quarantine, I was going to say WEBSITE My "Local" HBS had an awful online store. Someone on here said he wants to call orders in because its so bad. It feels like a website from '98 and has very broad results when you click on Beer Brewing. No...
  11. dnr

    It’s bitter

    It could be a few things, from what I understand of beer. 1.) Oxidation. Sunlight can ruin beer very quickly. 2.) Water chemistry. Carbonate or carbonic acid. Could also mean you primed or carbonated too much for your taste. 3.) Fresh hops can't be vegetal or astringent. Some people can describe...
  12. dnr

    Bakers yeast and traditional brews

    I've only used Baker's yeast with my limited Homebrewing. I couldn't find brewer's so I got Fleischmann's instant yeast. I have made 3 5.5 gallon beers and a maple wine/mead. I've found nothing sour or avrid about any of the beers. If anything, I've described the flavor as leaning toward...
  13. dnr

    Northern Brewer

    NB has after-pay available, also. That was helpful as someone who'd been temporarily laid off. If any other sites offer the ability to pay in smaller increments over a couple weeks, that would be nice to know. NB is good, but it's nice to shop around and spread the love. Little as it may be...
  14. dnr

    CT Brewers Check-In

    I just friggin' wish there was something closer to Milford.
  15. dnr

    Northern Brewer

    Right before I placed the order I just did, I was looking at 36 lb or LME for $79.99. Now that free shipping is available again, it's $99.99. It's still cheaper to buy bulk, get free shipping and make sure I get things I need all in one big order. I have read that most online brew shops are...
  16. dnr

    When did you stop extract brewing?

    I appreciate all fully respect your post. I was more asking about honing one's craft. @Harleybrew32 mentioned their method being the issue. I was likening your comment to what they were saying. Not that it's cheating perse, but a less time-consuming way of getting a desirable result. I don't...
  17. dnr

    When did you stop extract brewing?

    So what would you say was the change to your method that made the biggest difference? Is it that brewing AG have you a better understanding of what you were doing? Like the analogy of baking or hamburgers... If it's apre-made thing in abox, you can easily cook or bake it and it can come out...
  18. dnr

    CT Brewers Check-In

    I had an awful time navigating their online store. When I search something, it yields 100+ results. I would like to go there just because the owners were on Basic Brewing Radio and seemed awesome, knowledgeable and passionate. But not somewhere I'm gonna go online. Also, Lasting Brass's War...
  19. dnr

    Something betwixt barley wine & bochet?

    I am looking into making something that resembles a barley wine, but using methods from a bochet mead to beef it up. I am hoping to impart a little, char or smoke, either vanilla or almond extract, candied orange peel, and then...I'm not sure. I don't want to go into coffee or chocolate...
  20. dnr

    CT Brewers Check-In

    Anyone tried Maltoae Express as a HBS?