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  1. nick sekerak

    Prop'n up starter from dregs from a can

    Quick question, so i propagated up dregs successfully from a 16oz can about a month ago. They are stored in a mason jar in my fridge. I am unsure of the cell count so i thought i would make a 2 step starter for to use in my next batch and pitch half then save the other half. Is that the best...
  2. nick sekerak

    Painting PID Controller

    I want to paint may controller box anyone have any tips. Thinking of doing it in metallic black. I am assuming you tape off everything and spray paint. Just looking for some tips from people who have done it. What worked best and what not to do...
  3. nick sekerak

    Ebiab controler troubleshoot

    Hey I am hoping this my have happened to someone and they know how to fix it. Or at least point me in the right direction. I am using the ezboil dspr320. When I run the program it acts like it is working. The ezboil dspr 320 output light is on. My element is switched on but it’s not heating...
  4. nick sekerak

    Ebiab sample programs for using Ezboil DSPR 320

    Hey Gents, I am just finishing up my controller and wanted to see if you could post/share some of your best programs using the Ezboil DSPR 320 for biab brewing. I never used a pid like this so i wanted to see what kind of good programs people have came up with that works out good for this type...
  5. nick sekerak

    RTD PT 100 probe help

    I have a problem, I ordered a pt100 prob from amazon the got a nice silicone cable qd to xlr from and went to hook it up and just noticed the probe has 4 male pins and the cable has 3 female pins. Do they make probes with 3 male pins I am having trouble finding one online. All...
  6. nick sekerak

    Ebiab system - where to put RTD pt100 probe

    I just upgraded to a new controller and it has a RTD Pt100 probe. I use a brewhardware false bottom and have a 5500w element. Where should I mount the probe? I was thinking at close to the element as possible. I have to drill a new hole in my kettle so I have only one chance to get the position...
  7. nick sekerak

    Two Step Yeast Starter Help

    I am making a two step starter for my next brew. I am under the gun for time. My question is, are there any ill effects from just adding the second step's wort on top of the wort from the first step??? I normally cold crash and decant the spent off the yeast cake before adding the wort for the...
  8. nick sekerak

    Fermzilla 2 Conical 7.1gal- Reviews Wanted

    Has Anyone tested out the new Fermzilla 2 yet???? I am looking for a new conical to replace my fastferment and the price looks pretty reasonable. I see it on for $135.00 Reviews wanted please share what you may have discovered of found out.
  9. nick sekerak

    Ebiab Temp probe Mount Loaction

    I just got a new 2" RTD PT100 prob for my Ebiab setup and i am wondering where the best location is to mount it. I have seen guys doing either of the two options: #1 - Mount the probe to a Tee at the kettle outlet/ball valve feeding into your pump. PRO's This may be good to control your...
  10. nick sekerak

    Oxygen Tanks

    Instead of the small red O2 tanks you can buy at the home depot, i was thinking of buying a bigger one. Found this one on craigslist for $25. Does anyone use them, if so how do you get them re-filled? Can a welding shop fill them just like they would fill you CO2 tanks? Are these worth buying or...
  11. nick sekerak

    Last 1/3 of ale fermentation with conical steps

    Hey all I am currently on day 4 of fermentation for my latest DIPA. Right now the brew is 2/3’s complete, and I had a few questions on what order I need to do things to finish this beer properly. I used WL001 for my yeast. I started off at 67and rose the temp to 68 yesterday when high krausen...
  12. nick sekerak

    Wyeast 1056 - DIPA Fermentation Schedule

    Folks, I have been reading through some peoples fermentation temp schedules for ales and wanted to get some in depth suggestions for my brew i am making this weekend for the first time. I have a brand new DIY temp controlled FV that i just build, it can heat & chill. So i am game for...
  13. nick sekerak

    ferment chamber - space heater...Safe??

    From what threads i have read, a mini space heater is the best option for a heating a fermentation chamber. One similar to this one-...
  14. nick sekerak

    240v 5500w Element < 9 inches long

    Anyone know where to get a short 5500w stainless element that is 9 inches or less?? All i can find are 12 inch elements.
  15. nick sekerak

    Blichman Beer Gun

    in Cleveland, Ohio loooking for a used beer gun. Anyone nearby getting rid of one or willing to ship??
  16. nick sekerak

    eBIAB Mashing Temps with New PID Controller

    Just did my first brew with my new Inkbird Pb16 controller and need some guidance to troubleshoot my temp control setup. My setup is: -20 gal kettle with 2- 1650w elements, pump with loc-line sparge arm -False bottom at the 3.5 gal level w/ probe for the inkbird zip tied above my two elements...
  17. nick sekerak

    OOPS i left my element on

    SO after a long brew day when cleaning my kettle out, I left my 1650 ULWD element on after all the water was completely drained out and it started smoking. So i let it cool off and tested it to see if it was fried for good. I only left it on a few minutes and it was heating water again. SO does...
  18. nick sekerak

    All grain recipe conversion based on BH efficiency

    I never really saw a thread on here that goes in to good detail about this. There looks like a lot of great recipes here on HBT but many have different brewhouse efficiency. How Is the correct way to convert someone’s recipe who has a 85% brew house efficiency to mine that has a 70%. I am...
  19. nick sekerak

    How to keep Trub out of the fermenter

    I alway read and see people not using hop bags for boiling/whirlpool pellet hop additions. I hear you get better hop utilization without using hop bags. I have never tried adding the pellets directly to my wort of my electric kettle. what’s the best practice to keep the Trub out of your...
  20. nick sekerak

    Electric BIAB Temp Prob Location for Controller

    I just did my first batch (still fermenting) using my new electric kettle. Its on a 20 gal kettle and i used 8 gal for strike with 21 lb grain bill. It was a thick mash due to me false bottom sitting up at the 4.5 gal line. I recirculated the entire 60 min mash. I am thinking about lowering the...