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  1. BrewMan13

    What I did for beer today

    Kegged the marzen to continue to lager for another ~6 weeks. Gravity sample was exactly what I was going for; can't wait for the final product! Also prepped for brewing tomorrow.
  2. BrewMan13

    New post a picture of your pint

    Brown ale; my only recipe containing the hop on the glass (not really a cascade fan).
  3. BrewMan13

    Robust Rye Porter

    Honestly looks pretty solid. I've done a lot of porters over the years, but never a rye one. That said, I've used chocolate rye a few times and very much like it. Amounts seem solid, so no real suggested changes from me :)
  4. BrewMan13

    What I did for beer today

    Way too much crystal malt; I would say 1lb in an IPA is the max; some would say even less. Needs more 2-row, less Munich (I do like it in the grist though), and if it was me, less flaked oats. Also, celeia is a very mild hop and besides not being really ideal for IPA's, will get lost with the...
  5. BrewMan13

    Stout Recipe Help

    You don't need to keep it at a hard cutoff for a number of grains, but just understand what the purpose of each one is. Some award winning stouts on the AHA website are super busy (more than I would ever use), but it worked for them. At a glance, it looks like most of my stouts are 5-7 grains.
  6. BrewMan13

    What I did for beer today

    Started the diacetyl rest on the marzen. Also kicked the DIPA, so the IPL was tapped after I cleaned the line. Original plan was to brew tomorrow, but I just have too much beer right now, so I guess it's next week.
  7. BrewMan13

    Pellicle Photo Collection

    Captured wild yeast batch 5, lambic style grist. Brewed last April. Will wait nearly a year before doing anything.
  8. BrewMan13

    Sodium Metabisulfite

    That's natural from the reaction that occurs. Kinda surprised it's noticeable with only that much. Purge the headspace a few times should help the aroma, don't know about the flavor.
  9. BrewMan13

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    May brew up a hazy IPA. It's on the schedule, but I'm a little behind on my drinking, as the current beer on tap where it would go just got put on 10 days ago...
  10. BrewMan13

    What beers are you suffering through and drinking anyway?

    I'm too obsessive of a planner these I'm not just cobbling stuff together. But when I used to try weird ****, I'd give it a few pints and if it didn't turn around, it was a dumper.
  11. BrewMan13

    Wyeast 1469 gets warm

    I actually like the esters it gives off - adds a bit of nutty/fruity complexity to my oatmeal stout. Always meaning to try it in other beers (did an amber ale at slightly lower temps that was good), but only so much space on the brew calendar.
  12. BrewMan13

    Refractometer Creep?

    Quoting to emphasize; I used a refractometer for years before I even heard of a correction factor. Once I did, I measured hydrometer and refractometer side by side for a few batches and found that the refractometer was measuring 3 points higher every time. I have since broken it and see no...
  13. BrewMan13

    What I did for beer today

    Brewed up a marzen in the heat yesterday. Hit my numbers pretty much dead on, making the effort to brew in the mid-90's seem worth it. Started fermenting in a few hours.
  14. BrewMan13

    How many gallons brewed in 2020

    4032+5 gallons marzen = 4037
  15. BrewMan13

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Getting ready to do a marzen...should only be 95 or so by the time I'm done o_O
  16. BrewMan13

    What I did for beer today

    3 days ago: dry-hopped 2 beers; yesterday: got a starter going, and cleaned the keg and tap line from the last kicked beer; today kegged 2 beers (one to lager, one to drink now), and prepped for brewing tomorrow when it's going to be hot af.
  17. BrewMan13

    What’s a Good Polish beer available in the US?

    Haven't looked recently, but historically it was fairly easy to find. And reasonably priced as well.
  18. BrewMan13

    I've never seen active fermentation in that short a time span

    I usually pitch around 2pm on any given brewday. At this point, if it's not active when I go to bed I'm disappointed, lol. Had a recent batch cranking in ~1.5 hours. Not out gassing, but actively fermenting, which I couldn't believe.
  19. BrewMan13

    What’s a Good Polish beer available in the US?

    Yup, and their porter is practically a benchmark of the Baltic porter style.