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  1. Pappers_

    Scary things...................... Take a look at #3. You may post material like that in the Debate forum. Whatever your political persuasion or ideology, half of the people here will disagree with you. Mostly, we just want to chat about brewing, beer and have fun, not...
  2. Pappers_

    Italian Pilsner Discussion

    FWIW, we're drinking a Pre-Prohibition Pilsner that we made a few weeks ago and a second batch is in the fermenter now. I'm just interested in doing variants of Pilsners, I guess.
  3. Pappers_

    Italian Pilsner Discussion

    Dammit, I just bought the recipe book mentioned above . . . . LOL Thanks for the recipe. So, dry hop while active fermentation is going on, to get some bio transformation. Interesting.
  4. Pappers_

    Italian Pilsner Discussion

    The guy who wrote the article suggested getting that book, also. I guess I'm going to have to do that LOL. What does CAP stand for?
  5. Pappers_

    Italian Pilsner Discussion

    And the article claims that Pivo Pils (by Firestone Walker) is an example of the Italian Pils style, although as I said, I'm not sure that what they say in the article lines up with my taste memory of Pivo PIls.
  6. Pappers_

    Italian Pilsner Discussion

    Moretti and Peroni are not what folks are talking about when they say "Italian Pilsner" as a style. In BJCP speak, those are considered International Pale Lagers, not nearly as bitter or hoppy as the "Italian Pilsner" style that folks in the linked article are talking about. A Pilsner dry...
  7. Pappers_

    Italian Pilsner Discussion

    So I saw a reference here on HBT to Italian Pilsners and had a somewhat vague recollection about conversations within the BJCP about adding it as a provisional style, which hasn't happened. Did a little searching here and found not much. Then googled and found a somewhat interesting article...
  8. Pappers_

    Can you dry hop right after pitching yeast?

    Yes, that's right. I did a brief Hop Science 101 for a BJCP tasting workshop and wrote up my notes here, if you're interested.
  9. Pappers_

    Graf Porter

    I don't know what a Graf Porter is - tell us a little about what it is? I moved this from the Recipe Database, which is for tried-and-true recipes to the Recipe/Ingredients forum, which is for discussions like this.
  10. Pappers_

    Can you dry hop right after pitching yeast?

    Yup, this is why. Also, with the advent of NEIPAs, we've learned that adding hops while fermentation is active results in biotransformation - where the essential oils are transformed. These oils are metabolized by the yeast into compounds that are floral and fruity - what we call 'juicy'.
  11. Pappers_

    Help me with my Amber

    I'm with @Yooper and @Sammy86 in leaving the chocolate malt out.
  12. Pappers_

    Malting questions

    I don't know about malting, the difference between malting a base malt and a specialty malt like crystal. But I do know that the end result is that crystal malts produce a less fermentable wort than a base malt. I imagine that the method of malting has everything to do with that.
  13. Pappers_

    Damm weather......

    Nice, thanks!
  14. Pappers_

    Beginning and ending gravity

    Like @VikeMan said, there is something wrong with your measurements. Are you using a hydrometer or refractometer to take the readings? Whichever, have you used it before or do you need help with that?
  15. Pappers_

    ABV Calculator

    Add me to the list of those who round to the nearest whole number for ABV. We're not sending this stuff out to a lab for analysis LOL.
  16. Pappers_

    Sense of Impending Dread and Doom

    So, from the etsy website, here is a photo of the handmade, hardwood openers I ordered as gifts for judges at the Chicago Cup: We're doing a limited entry/style competition, with judging in judges homes and partnering via zoom/facetime/phone. Limited backroom operations. Medal round panel...
  17. Pappers_

    Aging wine in a barrel?

    For beer aged in barrels, I don't worry about oxidation. I use wood chips or spirals for wine, not barrels, so can't really tell you about that.
  18. Pappers_

    Mustard Beer?

    My homebrew club has members who have more or less successfully brewed Hot Dog Beer and Pickle Beer. This would be right up their alley.
  19. Pappers_

    Brewing in extreme cold

    Your chiller springing a leak is a real danger. I have a Canadian friend who did exactly that - didn't get his immersion chiller dry and then the chiller ended up with splits in the copper. He found out when he was chilling a batch of RIS.