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  1. Harleybrew32

    Petition to Youtube - Craigtube

    he renamed his other channel Craig Tube.
  2. VikeMan

    Petition to Youtube - Craigtube

    Heh. What could possibly go wrong?
  3. F

    Looking to purchase a mini fridge to use as a fermentation chamber with an inkbird

    Magic Chef HMBR440BE - Only got that one because it was the one on Craig's List. The one I bid on first was sold. If you don't mind the possibility of a couple of scratches shouldn't take more than a couple of weeks tops to find on Craig's List and save $100+ .
  4. TsunamiMike

    Looking to purchase a mini fridge to use as a fermentation chamber with an inkbird

    ABsolutely was thinking blow off tube, do you know the brand and model you got?
  5. F

    Looking to purchase a mini fridge to use as a fermentation chamber with an inkbird

    Just got a 4.5 size off of craig's list. The 7 gallon Fermonster will fit, I just need to cut the inside of the door as there is a part sticking out down the center to hold shelves I'm obviously not going to use. Thinking quick dremel and duct tape and I'm done. I don't think an airlock will fit...
  6. Qhrumphf

    Petition to Youtube - Craigtube

    Cursory google shows this: Music license violation could absolutely be the issue. Though it might be collateral damage as said in link. I've seen Craigtube and always found it cringeworthy at best, dunno if he played music...
  7. J

    6 Year break, new equipment - how do you brew again?

    I just bottled "Back in Blonde" - my return brew. Seven years put some funk on otherwise clean bottles! Next is an all-grain version of Holiday Cheer from Charlie Papazian's book. My wife loves that one. I did put in a new thing, but it shouldn't be a huge deal. I got a stainless bulkhead...
  8. I

    Advice on ingredients for brewing my first beer.

    ...liquid reacting with the plastic (which is likely not BPA free). I'm aiming for 2 liters every week. I hope to keep it in the fermenters for two weeks which I hope is enough time to make alcohol - I might add a few raisins (Craig tube idea) to act as a yeast nutrient and speed up the process.
  9. G

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Ok, my first post, and my first brew day yesterday. Chose a Stone IPA extract kit. Purchased an unused Big Mouth deluxe kit off Craigs list. Made a starter yeast with Omega British Ale VIII. OG was 1.070. Went ahead and purchased yeast fuel with the Stone kit. Wort began fermenting like...
  10. masskrug

    Coopers canadian blonde with citra and mango advise

    Check out Craig's Tube. This guy pimps out Cooper kits:
  11. I

    Advice on ingredients for brewing my first beer.

    It's going to be a glass bottle that has a cap I can screw on. I've tried brewing ginger ale in it and it turned out alright. I will try the swamp cooler thing. I am aware that there are some Belgian yeast strains (including the one used by Unibroue themselves) that have high alcohol tolerance...
  12. Stand

    Advice on ingredients for brewing my first beer.

    How big is that glass bottle? How big a batch do you plan? You can use DME and candi syrup or sugar. I usually pitch yeast at around 18C and try to let it rise slowly over 3-4 days to around 24C. When activity slows I hold it at that temp for another few days. It really will make a good...
  13. craigles14

    3 Vessel Keggle Build - eHerms System

    Just placed an order with Bobby at for all the fittings parts for the holes going into the keggles. I went with 1 1/2" Tricolver Fittings for the heating elements in the HLT and BK. 1/2" or 1/4" NPT pull-throughs and couplings for the rest of the holes. The plan for each is...
  14. Shine0n

    Help selecting a still

    Well I toss this out just for shits and giggles. 1 keg=35-45$ from local scrap yard 1 copper 2" tube=40-50$ local scrap yard copper 2" ferrules amazon 23-25$ ea 5/8" ID soft copper tube 70$ Ferguson 50' 55 gal food grade drum 35$ Craigs list. Blichmann Hellfire burner 150$ I can boil 20...
  15. Soulshine2

    What would you improve first?

    first of all, welcome . Are you ok with 1 gallon batches? If you notice, most recipes or kits are geared towards 5 gallon batches. Build your equipment for that for now. Decide if you're going extract ,AG, old school conventional, BIAB, electric, propane,etc. The Short list for AG- 8 and 10...
  16. mredge73

    Can anybody recommend a keg system?

    Best bang for the buck: 20lb used C02 tank (look on craigs list or local wielding supply shop), 2-6 reconditioned ball lock kegs (look for deals, sometimes can find them $25 each when bought in multiples), Intertap flow control SS faucets and shafts, tap-right dual body regulator, gas splitter...
  17. Nubiwan

    Back Brewing after 18 year hiatus

    ...lot to me. How much of the sugar is required (1KG?), and can you use both or is one better? Do you sprinkle the yeast, or stir it in? Craig tube video conflicts on this as one poster commented you could kill the yeast by stirring it. Do you need to treat the yeast before you add to the...
  18. Clavain46

    HME? Do people really use it?

    Check out the "Craig Tube" videos on you tube. He uses prehopped kits all the time and has lots of ideas for tweaking kits. I used coopers a long time ago and always got good brews out of them.
  19. B-Dub

    California Keggle with sight tube, thermo and valve. I live in Los Osos near Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo. New keggles are $200 or more, so I think this is a great deal. Respond to the craig's list reply if you have questions. Thank you!
  20. Gnomebrewer

    Back Brewing after 18 year hiatus

    See ong's answer. The contents of the tin (and dry sugar) are close enough to sterile that there's no need to cook. The power is probably dextrose, which is the same as glucose. For a 23L batch, the norm in Australia is to use the extract tin plus 1kg for a normal strength beer (called...