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  1. CrapulencePants

    Fresh hop pale ale

    I'm growing hops in my back yard and my neighbor up the street has some too. We have no idea what they are. I was going to go gonzo and try a fresh hop pale ale or smash. Any tips on the amount of hops to add?
  2. CrapulencePants

    Chocolate Lavender Stout

    I've made this beer a couple of times as-is and it came out fantastic. I don't really want to mess with near perfection. :) But the Chocolate malt is an interesting idea.
  3. CrapulencePants

    Chocolate Lavender Stout

    It's been a while since I brewed, but I've been ordered back into service by my neighbors wife. :) They have been bugging me to make a chocolate lavender stout since I started brewing. I've had some time off and I think I'm ready to have a go at this again. I've been using this for a very...
  4. CrapulencePants

    Knotty Pine and Cedar Log Keezer Build

    That looks awesome. Have you done any testing on the 4" fans yet? Do they keep the lines cool enough? I would think it wouldn't be a problem anymore. Also, are those shelves big enough to hold a pint glass or two? That's exactly what I was thinking of doing. Nice build. :mug:
  5. CrapulencePants

    Over Boiled...Now What?

    HA! That's funny. I made and 80/- Scottish ale on Saturday as well. Mine was a 150 min boil and I ended up with a bit too much. Yeah, top off and keep going. It's all a learning experience.:D
  6. CrapulencePants

    Mash out temp

    Yeah, I got the mash tun material set in the equipment profile.
  7. CrapulencePants

    Mash out temp

    I put the numbers for my recipe into that calculator and came up with the same thing beersmith told me. Actually, a little less on the mash out volume. Maybe I'll wait longer next time, I'm only waiting about five minutes to take a reading.
  8. CrapulencePants

    Mash out temp

    I use beersmith for all my recipes. I batch sparge. I've tried using a mash out for the last three batches but can't seem to hit 168 no matter what I do. I'll use my last beer as an example. Scottish Ale 80/- 11.5 lbs Maris Otter .25 lbs Roasted Barley I mashed at 154 using the Single...
  9. CrapulencePants

    Infected bucket

    I've had three infected batches now, band-aid flavor. Don't remember what that's called. I primary in a bucket with a spigot, I had two of them. If I go back and count every other batch, all the infected batches fall on the same bucket. I even had a gusher infection out of the same bucket, don't...
  10. CrapulencePants

    Glass carboy or plastic bucket for primary?

    As stated, it has been covered ad nauseum. However, I'll give my two cents. :D I had two buckets with spigots and after nine months of use the started failing. Spigots broke left and right, I actually dumped a batch because it was leaking (spraying) all over my garage. Had a few issues with...
  11. CrapulencePants

    Brew Masters on Discovery w/ Sam Calagione

    I have an actual question about the show. How is it that they can take a batch from brewing to bottle in only three weeks? I think that is what they said anyway, I may have misunderstood.
  12. CrapulencePants

    Large Giveaway - Fermenter, Mash Paddles, Thermapen

    username: PragmaticHubris
  13. CrapulencePants

    Coffin cooling and other lessons I learned while building a keezer

    Has anyone tried something like this in a 4" pipe that draws from the bottom and blows into the coffin? It's 120v. Just curious. I was think of something like that or perhaps the guts from a nice (but broken) bathroom exhaust fan.
  14. CrapulencePants

    Don't use Deschutes Bottles!

    The best part about Deschutes bottles is that they come filled with Black Butte. Even if they did blow up from time to time, what's the down side?:D
  15. CrapulencePants

    Show us your Kegerator

    Don't know if it's worth what he's asking for it. Looks very homemade. You could probably build it cheaper.
  16. CrapulencePants


    Sounds like I get to build something new for brewing. Cool.:D
  17. CrapulencePants


    Don't do lagers yet. Ales only. Just looking for a median ale temp for primary, secondary, and bottle conditioning.
  18. CrapulencePants


    I'm trying to find out if there is one median temp for everything. I don't have the ability or room to temp control three different areas of my house. So far I've been keeping the room at 68.
  19. CrapulencePants


    I finally have a real room for all my beer. Is there an ideal temp to keep it at for primary, secondary, and bottle condition?
  20. CrapulencePants

    SMaSH for learning hop characteristics

    I use plain ol' two row for my malt. I keep everything the same from batch to batch, changing only the hops. Smash is my favorite and best beers so far. Have fun experimenting.:mug: