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  1. Mutine Bullfrog

    grandfather sparge water volumes short

    I know this was a while ago, but I've been using My grain father for a while and BeerSmith2. I ignore the beersmith2 calculations and use the Grainfather formula in the app. always works well for me.
  2. Mutine Bullfrog

    Simco replacement

    I use them allot. Nothing really comes close. Try these places if you can't find them Fresh Hops: Hops Direct:
  3. Mutine Bullfrog

    Better Bottles and Chiller for sale!!!

    I have a pending sale for the final 2 items.
  4. Mutine Bullfrog

    Better Bottles and Chiller for sale!!!

    Chiller and on e 6 gal BB is sold. I have a 5 gallon Better Bottle ($12) and the 6 Gallon Better Bottle with the racking valve left ($28). Both are packed in their original boxes and include the carboy caps.
  5. Mutine Bullfrog

    Better Bottles and Chiller for sale!!!

    Sorry, just put it together and weighted it. Looks like it should be around $8 for Parsel Post. PM me if your interested
  6. Mutine Bullfrog

    Better Bottles and Chiller for sale!!!

    I'm selling my Better Bottles because I'm using conicals now. Better bottles come with carboy caps (I forgot to put them on in the picture). Prices are as follow + what ever the shipping cost is. The 5 gallon bottles have been used and could use a good cleaning. The 6 gallon bottle with the...
  7. Mutine Bullfrog

    "V" Vessal for sale

    Yes that's correct. 23L to the upper fill line. which is a little over 6 gallons. The cheapest I've seen them for is $149.00.
  8. Mutine Bullfrog

    "V" Vessal for sale

    Item is sold. Thanks I'm moving to 10 gal batches and don't need 2 "V" Vessels anymore. I'm keeping one and selling one. The first one I bought came with an extra hardware package so I'm sell this one with the new hardware. The wall bracket is included but still on my wall and not in the...
  9. Mutine Bullfrog

    Favorite Bittering Hop for IPA's?

    I've been using Simcoe and Centennial for my IPA.
  10. Mutine Bullfrog

    Custom Kegorater???

    Do you have any pictures of the unit
  11. Mutine Bullfrog

    Custom Kegorater???

    I’m looking to build a custom size kegorater, which will act as a bar counter with tap on top about 4 feet wide by 2 feet deep and 4 feet high. I can build the box and counter but I'm not sure how to cool it. Should I try to get the works from an old ice box or is their something sold that I...
  12. Mutine Bullfrog

    Only brewin' boy in New York

    Started in Glendale, Queens. Now in Long Island. Lets start a Five Boro Brew Club. LOL :rockin:
  13. Mutine Bullfrog

    High Efficiency

  14. Mutine Bullfrog

    First Crush

    I use to order my grain crushed and found that I always had to run it through the mill again.
  15. Mutine Bullfrog

    Anyone know about muzzleloaders?

    I have a CVA Optima Pro Magnum. It's fun to shoot. Get a break action. super easy to load and clean. less to take apart for cleaning. Get one with a starter kit. Keep in mind that you'll be luck to get more then 3 shoots out before you have to swab it to clean out the fouling and you...
  16. Mutine Bullfrog

    Central NJ Malt Group Buy

    I'd like to get in on this. How far are you from the GWB?
  17. Mutine Bullfrog

    Harvey Korman - Dead at 81

    Lost Bo Didly and Yves Saint Laurent today Thats 3 :(
  18. Mutine Bullfrog

    Car Problems...

    Sounds like your miss firing. in one or more cylinder. this would explain the roughness, stalling, fouled plugs, black smoke and excess fuel. This is usually caused by some ignition problem. cap, roter, wires, plugs, etc. you can also check to see if a sensor plug got knocked out
  19. Mutine Bullfrog

    Efficiency Troubleshooting

    I've been having efficiency problems also. I tried everything. The only major change came when I recrushed the grains.