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  1. Superdave

    Diet Pepsi in Kegerator

    So if I didn't mind having long beer lines, would it work to have everything set at 35 PSI then? Or do you think I would run the risk of overcarbonating the beer? (As I type this I'm thinking probably so...)
  2. Superdave

    Diet Pepsi in Kegerator

    Why do you have a second regulator and long lines for the soda? It is my understanding that longer lines are used to reduce the pressure at the faucet. So why not have shorter lines and use the beer serving pressure? Do you have your co2 hooked up to first the soda regulator with the...
  3. Superdave

    Diet Pepsi in Kegerator

    I've been thinking of setting up my kegerator and such, and because I am a cheap skate, I have been considering the best possible deal I can find on corny kegs. Also because I am a cheap skate, I like to get all the Diet Pepsi I drink as cheaply as possible. I started thinking that buying it...
  4. Superdave

    Vintage Fridge Kegerators

    Very cool! Is that a ac vent cover in the drip tray? Also, it appears you are a VW fan too! Sweet. I have two ('78 Bus and '92 Cabriolet) sitting in my driveway, with a wrecked TDI Passat who will donate it's engine to the Bus at some point. I also like the blue one. I think I will...
  5. Superdave

    Vintage Fridge Kegerators

    That is pretty cool. Does it have the freezer section in the top half? Did you do anything with that part? Three taps might not be a lot, but it would be more than the one tap I currently have... The one I can get is probably a bit smaller than that one, but I am real sure it would...
  6. Superdave

    Vintage Fridge Kegerators

    I have the opportunity to pick up a cool 50's fridge (with the rounded top and everything) that looks very nice and I'm told cools quite well for free. (Can't remember the brand.) I'm thinking of selling off the kegerator I bought on Craigslist that is "old" but not really "vintage" and...
  7. Superdave

    Blueberry Lager Idea=Thoughts?

    It has been a while since I've been able to brew! But I have a lager that has been sitting in the fermenter lagering for some time and it is time to bottle it up. Well, I was at my parent's house yesterday and noticed a bottle of blueberry juice sitting in the fridge and was reminded of a...
  8. Superdave

    Aprihop Clone?

    I used canned apricots. I couldn't find any fresh ones at the time, so canned was all I could find. I just drained them and mushed them into the fermenter. Actually, I think I pulled a little of the beer out, and combined it with the apricots in a blender and chopped it up and dumped the...
  9. Superdave

    Aprihop Clone?

    It has been some time since I've been able to drink an Aprihop (not sold in my area) but I brewed that clone posted and it tastes pretty close to what I remember. I would have preferred a little more hops, but I don't recall Aprihop being too hoppy so I suppose it was probably about right.
  10. Superdave

    Growing hops with dogs???

    I bet my dog would leave 'em alone, he hardly even chews on dog toys. However, my roommate's dog, who is ignored by his owner (my roommate) and chews on all my stuff... Maybe planting hops would cure the problem!
  11. Superdave

    Quick faucet question

    Hmm, a couple seconds seems kinda long for foam. Usually I would pop it open for a real short burst to get the faucet cold, then pour the beer with no issues. The first part of the pour should be down the side of the glass before standing it upright to fill the glass. That might help too...
  12. Superdave

    Quick faucet question

    Might be a silly question, but are you opening the faucet all the way? I learned that the best way to pour a beer was to quickly, fully open the faucet instead of the newb attempt of opening it slowly to avoid too much foam. If the pressure is right, the beer won't fly all over the place but...
  13. Superdave

    Kicking Deal!

    I've been wanting to set up a decent-sized kegorator and have been slowly gathering the "ingredients" so I can save money in the process. I was given an old, ugly but still working freezer which will be modified a few months ago. It has been waiting in the corner of the garage. The other...
  14. Superdave

    Nicer looking way of storing bottles? for inside and the garage

    I found 8 of the boxes that budweiser was using for their aluminum bottles at the local recycleing center when I was getting empty bottles. They are pretty heavy duty and strong, and have stood up to being refilled many times with homebrew. I just rotate them in and out with empty/full...
  15. Superdave

    Aerating Wort

    For the last couple brews, I have done a slightly modified shake method. I simply shut down the kettle draining after about a gallon to 1.5 gallons has drained into the carboy. Then I shake the crap out of the sucker! Judging by the 6 inches or so of foam on top, I can say that gallon has...
  16. Superdave

    Successful Dry Hopping Techniques?

    Since the thread was resurrected yesterday... I dry-hopped for the first time last night, but am pretty excited to drink the beer, as it has aged out very well, but needed some hop aroma. (I know, most people dry hop much sooner than I did, but I was doing some other stuff with the beer...
  17. Superdave

    Bottled beer not carb-ing

    10 days ago, we bottled a crap-ton of beer, about 10 gallons of an oktoberfest and 8 gallons of a pumpkin ale. The Oktoberfest carbed well and is now sitting in cold storage (I know it is a bit late, but most of it will be given away all at once). The pumpkin ale shows little-to-no...
  18. Superdave

    Strange find

    Completely :off: but holy crap, Zombieland was awesome!
  19. Superdave

    Strange find

    Well, I'm curious too, so I'd better go ahead and subscribe. Interested to see what comes of it.
  20. Superdave

    Viability of Sediment

    How long will yeast sediment be viable in the bottle? I've got some beer that I brewed and bottled about 11 months ago. I'd like to brew it again soon, but have been having a hard time finding yeast at home. So I remembered that there are a couple of bottles still around from then. Would...