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  1. Rikk

    How long to CIP

    This is my CIP system that I clean kegs and fermenters. I generally CIP with PBW for 30 minutes. Just wondering how long you CIP for. Prior to CIP I manually clean all visible deposits.
  2. Rikk

    When is a secondary fermenter a good idea?

    Going from the number of posts here proves the point there is no one way to brew. That said the OP asked when it is necessary. Maybe in a big beer. I’ve been home brewing for 30 years. My technique has changed drastically since those early days. I haven’t used a secondary in many years. Even big...
  3. Rikk

    Cutting barb off beer shank

    I’m setting up a portable keezer and have a few old shanks with barbs/nipples that I want to re-use. The problem is I moved to EVAbarrior/Duotight. Has anyone successfully removed the barb? If so how? I bought a dremel tool. Will that work? Any prep/post finishing that would need to be done? I...
  4. Rikk

    Siphon with syringe

    I’ve read a lot about using a syringe to start a siphon. I got a 60ml syringe but all it does is bring a few drops of liquid into the tubing. Not enough to start a siphon. Does anyone have a video of how they do it? Please don’t suggest an auto siphon. I’m getting a single use out of them as...
  5. Rikk

    How to sanitize a Stone

    I boil it along with my transfer hoses in water while I boil the wort.
  6. Rikk

    Accuflex Ultra 235 vs Kegland EVA barrier

    I have 5.5 feet of 4mm and have Perlick Flow control and without. The ones with foam on first pour because of the mass. And let them rip and don’t “flow control” them unless it’s a special circumstance. Think of FC as emergency use only.
  7. Rikk

    GIVEAWAY FOR INKBIRD Wi-Fi ITC-308 Temperature Controller & INK-HM 20W Heat Mat

    I'm at work, so I have no pics available to me. Thanks!
  8. Rikk

    Kegmenter Fermentation Keg - 7.6 gal

    I still love mine. I have 15,13,and 7 gallon versions. Easy to clean and use.
  9. Rikk

    Dumb question about sanitizer

    After you sanitize, you would likely be drying the unit. At that point who knows what could get there. If you seal it without drying the trace amounts of sanitizer could gather some mold. It’s rare, but it can happen. I CIP and use Saniclean as well but day of I use Starsan and re-sanitize.
  10. Rikk

    Massachusetts Western Mass SPARGE homebrew club

    We meet in Northampton, MA the second Friday of the month at 7pm at Beerology. Except this month we’ll meet on Feb 7. We’d love to see some new faces. New and experienced brewers welcome.
  11. Rikk

    Kegmenter Fermentation Keg - 7.6 gal

    Sabco used to make the 1/4 bbl slim with 4” TC but no longer does. I did buy a couple of 1/4 bbl and had a local guy cut and weld a 4” TC port but he ruined both kegs.
  12. Rikk

    pressure fermenting an ale

    You can ferment regular ale yeast at slightly elevated temperatures. I have fermented ales at 80F without a trace of fusel. This results in a quicker turnaround. You can also tap down esters (if you want to do that) so hop character is the shining star. Brewing a British ale would not be useful...
  13. Rikk

    pressure fermenting an ale

  14. Rikk

    Random question-purging air from keg

    Case in point “Beer Gas”. 70/30 is a mix of nitro and co2. You don’t get all the co2 before the nitro.
  15. Rikk

    pressure fermenting an ale

    I have not seen any showdown in fermentation, Some day it’s actually a bit faster ferment. You’d think the year would slow under pressure. I’m kegging on the same schedule I would in a car it. You can still get plenty of esters. Unless you go crazy with pressure you are not putting the beer...
  16. Rikk

    pressure fermenting an ale

    You can pressure ferment an ale without ruining it. You just have to understand what pressure is doing and why you might want pressure and how much. Pressure may reduce esters. It also lets you ferment at higher temps without the fusel alcohol flavors associated with high fermentation temps...
  17. Rikk

    Accuflex Ultra 235 vs Kegland EVA barrier

    I must have over-tightened the John Guest fitting attached to my quick disconnect because it leaked. A saw a hairline crack when I removed. I replaced with Duotight. This is on my portable “Festival” unit and I won’t take it out until spring and my regular kegerator everything is just weeks old...
  18. Rikk

    Accuflex Ultra 235 vs Kegland EVA barrier

    So far I’m very happy with Kegland EVA. It’s too soon to tell what repeated cleaning cycles will do the in interior but I love the flexibility. I have been using one Accuflex line since spring (6 months) and I like the that it imparts no flavor but it’s stiff as a board and having to use twice...