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  1. archiefl98

    reverse chiller crazy idea?

    Just be sure to recirc water in the tank you put the coil in. Otherwise warmer water will tend to stay near the outside of the coil and not chill as effectively. Keep it moving and it'll work a bit better. I've done this before. Immersion was much quicker and water is the cheapest thing I can buy.
  2. archiefl98

    Thermometer reccomendations

    Thermapen is expensive. Very expensive. Especially compared to the RT600C. And the rotating switch to turn it on and off fails fairly easily. Had to send it back in for service twice. At $25 a trip. That makes it even more expensive. It reads rather quickly, although I honestly don't see it...
  3. archiefl98

    Thermometer reccomendations

    I have a thermapen and an rt600c. I use the RT600C for pretty much everything these days. Best value for the price for awesome accuracy and quick read times.
  4. archiefl98

    How do people clean a pot like this after mashing?

    I'm thinking some form of ladder-scoop-bucket combination might do the trick of removing spent grains. Spray nozzles, hoses, cleansers and liquid sanitizers are all keen ideas for washing and sanitizing. Or a midget with a scotch brite pad. Whatever your budget allows.
  5. archiefl98


    I've had issues with my thermapen, so I bought a Thermoworks RT600C as a backup. 6 months later and now it's my go-to. 6 second read time and it's dead-on accurate just like the Thermapen (when it works).
  6. archiefl98

    Cheap thermapen or scam?

    I guess if it sounds too good to be true...
  7. archiefl98

    Cheap thermapen or scam?

    Found the website where they listened thermapens in blue for 33 dollars. No contact info for the business. Free shipping offered. Wondering if anyone tried to buy anything from this place? Smells like a scam to me.
  8. archiefl98

    co2 recovery??

    Here's another way to do it, cheaply. Although it's on Angelfire, so that's a detractor in my book.
  9. archiefl98

    Looking for a great source/tool for grain characteristics

    Beersmith actually has some pretty decent descriptions of each of the ingredients housed therein. I find myself referring to it for many things including what types of ingredients to add to certain styles of beer.
  10. archiefl98

    I want labels

    Check out other options in the labeling forum for attaching labels beyond using the Avery ones. I hate getting those things off of bottles. Turns out that just using plain old printer paper works well when attached with a little milk. And the labels come off with warm water. If you want a...
  11. archiefl98

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Heating up the strike for a 10-gallon Honey Wheat ale. And drinking a Cream Ale to get in the spirit! 8# wheat malt 7# pale malt 1# honey malt 1.5# honey 4 oz Cascade (if I have them left... have to check!)
  12. archiefl98

    I am dumb....Please help

    Mike: Try this method.
  13. archiefl98

    How to get a good head on beer

    General statements I would make would be as follows: 1. A way to get more head is to carbonate to higher volumes. If priming, add a bit more sugar than usual. If kegging, add a bit more gas than usual. 1.a. Better head retention would be a combination of factors including but not limited...
  14. archiefl98

    Honey Lager

    NZ doesn't mean "New Zyork"? Damn.
  15. archiefl98

    Irish moss

    Easy Answer, it doesn't dissolve, it's a fining. See Here
  16. archiefl98

    Honey Lager

    You don't want to boil the grains, you just want to steep them then remove them from the water. This will impart color and flavor. Steep the grains in a grain bag for 30 minutes in your brewing water. Then bring your water to a boil, then add your extract, then continue boiling adding your...
  17. archiefl98

    is this worth it???

    Cooler: $40 Keg1: $30 Keg2: $30 False bottom: $50-$100? Ball valves, fittings, dip tubes, etc: $50-$100? At $75 it's a steal.
  18. archiefl98

    any reason to NOT use a bottle?

    Oxyclean gets rid of the mold cakes for me. After a few days of sitting in a Homer bucket full of Oxyclean water you start to see all the gunk floating on the top. Plus it's a nice easy way to get labels off. If you're still concerned, you can always use a bottle brush and a visual inspection...
  19. archiefl98

    Bottling for the first time today!

    When I first get my bottles I soak them in warm-to-hot water and Oxyclean Free (no fragrance) - this also helps to get the labels off as the Oxyclean eats through just about anything. I then rinse two or three times and invert to air dry until needed. When bottling day comes I make up a...
  20. archiefl98

    Liberty Cream Ale

    I use Cascade for a lot of my beers just because I can buy them cheap in bulk and I like their flavor. My latest cream ale I made with all Hallertauer because I had a stockpile of them that I had to use up. If you don't like Cascades, use something else. The BJCP style guide says something...