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  1. Mikethepoolguy

    I Quit Smoking

    Hang in there. The rewards are great. Remember Yoda: "Try? Do, or fail. There is no try."
  2. Mikethepoolguy

    How much do you drink a day?

    One or two beers three or four times a day.
  3. Mikethepoolguy

    I Quit Smoking

    Ten years smoke free for me. The best present I ever gave myself.
  4. Mikethepoolguy

    I wish they would bring back ______

    Thighmaster commercials
  5. Mikethepoolguy

    Never brewed - wanting to jump right into all grain

    I use a 7 gal kettle to heat water only. My boil kettle is 10.5 gal. I usually do 90 min. boils starting with 8.3 gal.
  6. Mikethepoolguy

    How do YOU keep your cooler mash-tun as close to temp as possible?

    Look for any cracks or holes on the inside of your cooler. If there is even a small hole the cooler is shot. Throw it away and get a new one. Cracks on the outside don't matter so much.
  7. Mikethepoolguy

    For those who have never tried SKEETER PEE

    Lemon wine. Go to
  8. Mikethepoolguy

    New Danstar Belle Saison Dry Yeast?

    I just picked up a blue ribbon for my rye saison that used this yeast. FG was .998
  9. Mikethepoolguy

    Wisconsin homebrew fermentation in winter / Brewer's Best Belgian Golden Ale

    If I were you I would: Move the ales upstairs, ferment lagers downstairs. You may need swamp coolers and some ice, but not much as you are close to the correct temps. Also many ale yeasts will do just fine at the temps you have now, just slower.
  10. Mikethepoolguy

    No O.G. reading. is fermentation complete?

    In reading your posts I don't see anything wrong with what you have done so far. You may just end up with a bigger beer than the recipe calls for.
  11. Mikethepoolguy

    American Amber Ale Red Rye Ale

    If you have ever had a stuck mash you will understand why you should use rice hulls. They are like the seatbelt in your car, you probably won't need it but you don't want to wait until it's too late to wish you had used it. I prefer to increase the hop additions by 20%. (.6oz per addition). I...
  12. Mikethepoolguy

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Cathedral, that sounds like a typical brew day.
  13. Mikethepoolguy

    120V to 24V Transformer Blew

    I just saw that you are in Charlotte. Are you a CBM member? There are plenty of members with the skills to solve this problem and wouldn't mind helping, including myself.
  14. Mikethepoolguy

    Need help with ridiculous amount of trub in fermenter

    Thats what I would do. Purge the vessel with co2 or another inert gas first.
  15. Mikethepoolguy

    1st made yeast starter?

    The yeast should be fine but those vials trend to do that sometimes. Open it slowly next time. Sometimes you have to relieve the pressure a couple of times before opening all the way.
  16. Mikethepoolguy

    1st made yeast starter?

    A long boil?
  17. Mikethepoolguy

    120V to 24V Transformer Blew

    Test the ohms on your gas valves. If one is really low its shorted and will blow another transformer. Replace the valve in that case, the transformer and add a fuse. If you have any other coils like actuators check them also. If you don't know what the ohms should be you can install the fuse...
  18. Mikethepoolguy

    Low-Tech Step mashing With immersion chiller

    Manually and low tech means hands-on with boiling water. If a hose blows you will get badly burned. Think safety first, then do whatever you want.