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  1. simmus

    Hoppy Water Beverage - Doing it the pro way?

    Hello everybody. Just trying to make a shelf stable fizzy hop water for events where alcohol is frowned upon (and to save money!). Hope you guys can help! Reading a ton of blogs about how to make this, mainly these articles (not exhaustive) help give an idea about how to make this stuff at...
  2. simmus

    Hop Water, anybody make this before?

    What does everybody use for carbonating the hop water at home? Any recommendations for a small device that I should get?
  3. simmus

    Japan Brewers Club

    Hey, couldn't find the Facebook group. Is it gone? I am in southern Japan as well
  4. simmus

    Fizzy Hop water

    Very good info, thanks for this. I am a newbie to this stuff, but really want to try my hand at a Lagunitas-style hoppy drink. Do you have any small homebrew CO2 equipment that you can recommend?