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  1. friday

    Wormwood herb beer

    Yes it was disclosed right on the label, but we're talking about less then an ounce in a 5 gallon batch. I guess I wouldn't suggest drinking it if your pregnant, although if you are drinking while pregnant the wormwood might be doing the world a favor.
  2. friday

    Wormwood herb beer

    I'm thinking that it would be interesting to do a freeze distilled beer with wormwood. Say a wheat beer aged for three years the freeze distilled. I don't know it's way outside the box but that's what we do right?
  3. friday

    Update on why I've been MIA

    Sounds like a good man, the kind I hope to be. It's tough to lose a father, I'm sure he's in a good place. Sorry for your loss.
  4. friday

    Wormwood herb beer

    This is kind of a dead post but....... I did a worm wood beer, basically your standard pale with 3/4 oz of worm wood. When it was fresh it was a really weird bitter, won a silver in a pretty tough competition, but not something you would drink a pint of. I just cracked a bottle open...
  5. friday

    Can I Mix yeast?

    I use 2 different yeast strains on occasion but not for the results your looking for. I'll use a British strain and the add a high gravity strain latter in the ferment, to get the flavor I'm looking for and the abv. For what your proposing I haven't tried it but if I where to guess one is...
  6. friday

    What trends are next.

    I think sour beers are the next thing, and beers with a super high malt profile. The market is some what saturated with the run of the mill stuff, getting outside of the box is a fast way to get some market share.
  7. friday

    Mead: never again

    Mead is great if you do it right, it needs time. What's two years? your kid crapped his pants for longer then that.
  8. friday

    What's the deal with wine yeast?

    #1. It's not any cheaper then a dry beer yeast that has not been vacuum packed, or at least up until recently. #2. Dry wine Vs dry beer number of cells, good question. I don't know. When it comes to dry Vs wet, a live culture is much more viable. The drying process is not really good for...
  9. friday

    Rehydrating dry yeast

    Being that this post is in the new brewers forum I would just toss it in. Yes I do rehydrate but it's ok if you don't. Does it really make a difference, as a new brewer probably not.
  10. friday

    How many Beers have you tried (documented)?

    I've had bud, miller, Coors, and shiner bock. I'm just kidding but shiner is one of the few I buy.
  11. friday

    cheap co2 regulator leaking

    Is it the gauge, the keg, or the fitting from the gauge to the bottle? Did you check? If not mop everything thing down with soapy water. I've never had a seal leak on low pressure.
  12. friday

    What's with the BIAB fan boys?

    I don't look down on Brew in bag folks at all, but why do it at all? I've done a brew in bag and it's ok. How hard is it to pick up a 5 dollar ice chest second hand and build a braid? I've done both, I'll spend the extra 10 dollars and one hour of time to build it.
  13. friday

    WTB:12 in False bottom

    I can't find it to save my life, it could be in storage if I run into it this weekend I'll let you know but it's not likely.
  14. friday

    WTB:12 in False bottom

    I might have one, I'll look for it on Monday. If it's a 12" I'll give you a deal on it as I'm not using it, but I can't remember if I still have it or what size it is.
  15. friday

    favorite bourbons?

    Stranahan's is a really good whiskey although it's not a bourbon. Still it's really good. Baker's is swill in my opinion, bad cuts or no cuts and over oaked. Of the whole thread there are only 5 or 6 whiskeys listed that are worth drinking. That's why I stick with beer.:)
  16. friday

    citra hop rhizomes

    Ya I think that one lone row of cirtra hops on the end next to the fence is actually a cascade.
  17. friday

    You guys are not going to believe this...

    I would think you could do it pretty cheep, and it would be a nice setup to. You could use your existing equipment plus, a simple phase angle controller, 100 bucks. Two 5500 elements 60 bucks. Two tri clamp feurrels, clamps, and seals, about...
  18. friday

    favorite bourbons?

    I' a Mitchers fan myself, Pappy is pretty good to but the younger affordable stuff is a little sharp on the front end. If I'm at a bar then it's woodsford, (that's generally the only whiskey that a bar consistently has on hand that's drinkable). Makers is a mix of vodka and dog piss...
  19. friday

    Did i make my keggle look worse?

    6 Frigging hours!!!!!!! Are you insane? 6 hours of polishing by hand and you ask does this look good enough. I mean 6 hours of that bs for a shiny keg, don't you have anything else better to do like dodge trains, rebuild a lawn mower, or maybe learn how to play cribbage? You need to seek help.
  20. friday

    10 dollars in pocket

    Not that short. If I really needed to get a cheep drunk I'd just go buy a bottle of black velvet, but I'll just not drink if it ever comes to BV or steel reserve.