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    New SS Brewtech FTSs Touch: missed opportunity!

    When my pump went out and I needed to replace it while overseas I cut the old cord and put in one of these: This allowed me to use the old cord from the controller to the barrel jack and then "cut" any heater or pump...
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    Greetings from Trinidad and Tobago

    Are you still brewing there? May I ask where you get your supplies from? Was wondering how to get grain sent in and was hoping someone had solved that already?
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    Hello From Trinidad and Tobago

    Are you still brewing there? May I ask where you get your supplies from? Was wondering how to get grain sent in and was hoping someone had solved that already?
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    Online coffee bean shops

    Its safe. been doing it for years having them sent overseas even I love It can be a little pricey but they move so much product that its always still fresh when I get it. There are plenty of other great ones out there too.
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    New unitanks introduced by Brewbuilt

    I do find this idea of pulling from the top of the Fermenter using something similar to a clear beer system for corny kegs interesting. I wonder if there are any downsides like pulling some of the leftover krausen or anything. I never considered using the same type of system in my conical...
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    Rice husk

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    Rice husk

    I havent needed them yet but I was considering it after my last batch got stuck. You dont need to make any other recipe adjustments and there is no impact to flavor or anything?
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    Heating a ~1BBL jacketed fermenter - what's worked for you?

    I wonder if two glycol sources would work also. Aquarium pump in one (let's say that cooler) with a one way valve on both of them leading to a T and then to the fermenter. Hardest part would be figuring out how to get the output to the right source. Maybe a valve with a solenoid tied to...
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    Silicone tubing always kinking. Thinking about going back to vinyl!

    I probably should use the elbows but instead I wrap the end of the tube close to the termination in SUGRU. Sugru - Amazon The stuff works like a wonder and then absolutely will not kink.... ever. Its also good for a 1000 other things around the house.
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    Which Pump for Beer Line Cleaning

    Ok so I havent named it yet but here is my solution. I have a small square container (originally purchased years ago from the Container Store) that fits under my taps. Inside I have a small submersible 120 (new one is 220V just because I am currently overseas but its the same small pump both...
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    How to clean Blichmann Riptide Pump

    I was doing the same as you but at the end of my brew day. At the start I flush it with clean water before I let the hot wort sterilize the CF chiller. That was working but I found some water sits in the pump and came out a nasty color from sitting in there too long between brewdays. If...
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    How to clean a hop spider

    I invert it, knock it as hard as I can in the trash, then spray it with my sink or shower sprayer. That gets 95% off. I then soak it in the PBW I am using to clean the kettle and swish it around a bit with my glove on. Im usually at about 98 percent at that point. I let it dry and flip...
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    EVA + DuoTight + ... Picnic Tap?

    Oh those would help for sure. I wonder if there is a specific name for them?
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    Marking Bottles Without Labels

    I use the blue painters tape and a sharpie. Painters tape comes off easier and sticks in the freezer really well. That's how I mark frozen food and leftover hops, etc....
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    rahr 2-row alternative from this website?

    Took me a while to get to brew with it and the results were outstanding. Came out just like my recipe back in the U.S. Thanks!
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    Closed transfer with floating dip tube?

    My thought process was being able to fill the keg via the liquid dip tube straight from the Fermentor and then serve out of the other one with the screen...... I like the idea of the screen but ive heard you cant fill via the screen on the clear beer attachment?
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    Closed transfer with floating dip tube?

    Has anyone considered using a carbonation lid with the clear beer attached to the lid's post? You could fill using the standard dip tube and even have a screen on the clear beer attachment?
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    Floating Dip Tube - Which One?

    Anyone have an issue with smell from the tubing? I have the morebeer ones and it was strong. I'll try the clearbeer next but in the meantime any replacement tube suggestions? Thanks......
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    Mini Fridge To Cool Water for Flex Ferm Coil Idea

    I have the exact same set up. It works "ok" but I cant cold crash. Its very good at maintaining a temperature though. I can set it to 65F and it will stay that temperature throughout the fermentation process. But it cant cool the liquid down enough to rapidly drop the temp before...
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    New Brew System

    Will gravity not drain it? does it need more pressure? Can you purge it out of the strainer with c02?