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  1. FleEsq

    how about a meme generator thread...

    In Florida they fly and are the size of a gerbil.
  2. FleEsq

    Need clarification on "No brew before the boil."

    Wait, your not supposed to drink while brewing, then you would only have yourself to blame for screwups..........and that's not happening.
  3. FleEsq

    Dry hop

    I like to use large uncut diamonds. They give a "richness" flavor to the beer that you just cant get from lesser stones. Sorry couldn't help it.
  4. FleEsq

    Omega Bananza (OYL-400) and Omega Sundew (OYL-401)

    I Agree with Beersk. I prefer the more banana forward flavors in my Heffe than the clove. I wonder how it would perform in a Heffe
  5. FleEsq


    Thank you for the opportunity.
  6. FleEsq

    Beers/ales/Lagers from your past that you want to/have tried to clone...

    Milwaukee's best (the Beast) and Miester Brau were the my cheap beer of choice in my beer drinking youth. I do brew a BMC lager clone just to see if I can, any mistakes in the process and you'll know it.
  7. FleEsq

    Cloudy Wort

    Most wheat beers are cloudy even after fermentation. A clear wheat beer would be an oddity.
  8. FleEsq

    how about a meme generator thread...

    The bigger question is why is he trying to rescue squirrels naked.
  9. FleEsq

    What BIAB brewing actually is (Mythbusting for traditionalists)

    I had (still have just don't use) a 3 vessel RIMS tube bought from Bobby. The 3 vessel system looked cool and was relatively complex and I made good beer on it. I moved to BIAB electric system and I make as good beer if not better. The difference is that, my system is much less complex an makes...
  10. FleEsq

    WOW! Back in the saddle again!

    That is awesome. So, glad your family understands the need for a little stress relief. Sounds like you need it. Sorry for all that you have gone through, I have some extra stuff as well if need something more PM me and if I have it, its yours.
  11. FleEsq

    Make your own beer, they said. You'll save money, they said.

    My Wife loves that I brew beer. I told her how much money we would save, never told her that's only if you don't count the equipment and time. Now I'm like a crack head, if Spike or SS Brewtech sells it .... I must have it. My wife still loves that I brew beer but now for a different reason...
  12. FleEsq

    Yeast for Shiner Bock Clone

    go with the US-05. I have fermented as low as 55 degrees. Ferment as low as you can and expect it to take a little bit to get to FG. This will produce a very clean Pseudo Lager.
  13. FleEsq

    the next middle age craze! judge my crush!

    Hmmm. Odd middle age crush......mine is Marisa Tomei :p,, but the heart wants what the heart wants.
  14. FleEsq

    Omega Lutra yeast?

    Ok, since I started this thread I brewed a pils with it and I can honestly say I'm shocked. Tasted great and cleared without the need for gelatin. I wish I had harvested, but will next time. This is a great summer yeast.
  15. FleEsq

    1st Brew, what do I do

    I do a lot of lagers, It sounds like it tastes like a young beer. Let it set in a cold environment for 3 more weeks in the keg. It will mature and clear. Congrats on your first beer, patience is the hardest part of brewing.
  16. FleEsq

    Newer brewer here looking for some guidance.

    Considering its IPA its probably fine to do it that way. you could always cool down to 190 and then shut your cooling down add hoops and turn on your cooling water again after 10 min or so.
  17. FleEsq

    Newer brewer here looking for some guidance.

    Add your coil 10 min before flame out on your boil. that will sanitize the coil, reducing infection possibilities. Your post boil whirlpool is fine, you might want to consider dry hopping a few days into fermentation. .
  18. FleEsq

    Omega Lutra yeast?

    I saw this advertised in one of my magazines. it is supposed to mimic a lager at ale temps. I'm excited to try it but haven't been able to find it. Has anyone used this yeast and how does it perform.
  19. FleEsq

    Most of my gear arrived Friday!!!

    Keep control of fermentation temp. That and sanitation, IMHO is the key to good beer. The brewing is just plain fun and hard to screw up
  20. FleEsq

    New to brewing

    Mr beer is the hand mixer, you can produce decent stuff. Soon you will want to move up to that $800 mixer and make great beer. Just tell you significant other that your saving money, :bigmug: