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  1. dgrabstein

    Growing brewers or nutritional yeast

    Sorry to bring an old post back but I thought I'd add a few clarifications for future visitors. To answer the question, if you have access to an active strain of specialized nutritional yeast (very hard to obtain and very valuable) then you should use that, as opposed to brewers or bakers yeast...
  2. dgrabstein

    Is it safe to age bottles with high pectin haze?

    Thanks for the replies, I fermented to the point of the yeasts tolerance (White labs sweet mead yeast), cold crashed, AND cold filtered with 1 micron filter. Even after that, it's so dang murky it makes me a little uncomfortable thinking that they might not be stable long term. Here's a pic...
  3. dgrabstein

    Is it safe to age bottles with high pectin haze?

    I totally forgot pectin enzyme in my cherry-mango mead on brew day. It's been a while since I brewed a fruit mead and I forgot and that's that. I attenuated and filtered with a 1-micron filter and bottled for my cellar. This mead is the cloudiest brew I've ever seen. It turns out mango is super...
  4. dgrabstein

    Filtering and infusing in one filter push?

    Thanks for your input brother. With beer, it clears very well cold crashed. I'm actually brewing mead and it's difficult to clear sometimes with fruit additions and protein additions (as yeast nutrient). I have no interest in a Randall, but if I'm already filtering, I figured some flavorings...
  5. dgrabstein

    Filtering and infusing in one filter push?

    I just put together a basic keg liquid to keg liquid inline water filter that many homebrewers use, and I'm wondering about infusions: Can I throw some hops or mint or oak or whatever into the filter housing (outside the filter) so it infuses right before/at the same time as it filters? Anyone...
  6. dgrabstein

    Infection or normal?

    Help my fermenter looks gross on top! These white circles don't look good, any help with what this is? Help, Danny G
  7. dgrabstein

    No Chill Brewing

    I tried this for a while back before I got my immersion chiller, but I couldn't seem to beat the same defect in every batch: a sulfury smell and taste that I identified as DMS. I learned that when wort sits at a hot temp, the wort continues to produce DMS, and if it's covered in a container, the...
  8. dgrabstein

    Sick from homebrew?

    :( Sorry to revive an old thread, but this was the #1 hit on google when I searched "getting sick from homebrew" and I had to bring some logic into this thread for the sake of people's safety. People can absolutely get sick from homebrew! People have died from drinking bad homebrew! Look...
  9. dgrabstein

    Hercules Double IPA from Great Divide

    Hercules double IPA is a gem, great big full bodied and well rounded IPA. Woody, malty, sweet, hop bomb of a beer. Seriously hercules status. With that said, I always get chunks in the bottle as some have mentioned, I wish they changed that...they must dry hop because I agree it is more hop...
  10. dgrabstein

    Troubleshooting a failed batch?!!!

    For anyone who was interested, after lots of tasting and ageing I believe the problem is related to sulfur production and yeast stress. I fermented with inconsistent temperatures and low temperatures (55-65F) with White Labs Burton Ale yeast, which is rated 68-72F. DMS might be the culprit or a...
  11. dgrabstein

    Troubleshooting a failed batch?!!!

    Troll?! Seriously? Some people think I'm a troll because I don't brew the exact way that JPamler says to do in "How to Brew"? I'm going off my gut/ science not tradition. Do you even know why you boil for an hour with every batch??? Yes I sanizitize. And my mash pasteurizes. I was...
  12. dgrabstein

    200 Gallons of home brew

    I could easily hit 600 gallons a year if I tried, it's not that hard to hit those numbers. My current method of yeast farming gives 200 billion cells every 3 days. I either bake bread or brew beer once every 3 days. If you have unlimited free yeast, and a ton of grain, you can make a lot of...
  13. dgrabstein

    Why does it hurt sometimes to smell the air in fermenter?

    When I stick my head into my primary fermenter after ferment and smell it, it burns!... Why?? p.s. i had a disagreement with my father about what causes the burn. i thought it was co2 concentration that causes lung burn
  14. dgrabstein

    Troubleshooting a failed batch?!!!

    Lol, I most certainly understand your sentiment. I've built my brewing system from the ground up and I have a few unusual practices. The unmilled grains in the starter was to add nutrients to my yeast starter in an easy, convenient way. Also, I wanted to "naturalize" my yeast to the...
  15. dgrabstein

    Methods of Yeast Farming

    Yes, that's exactly what I was assuming. I just have to brew a batch every 2-3 days now then, muahahahahahaha
  16. dgrabstein

    Troubleshooting a failed batch?!!!

    I didn't boil. I drained from mash tun into my fermenter. This is an unusual practice I understand but the mash should've pasteurized the wort. I know DMS can be an issue with low boils/no boils, can DMS be resposible for this horrific odor? I've brewed several other batches with this same...
  17. dgrabstein

    Methods of Yeast Farming

    I know a lot of brewers use the yeast cake from the bottom of a fermenter for the next batch. Lately though, I have been using a different technique and I was wondering if anyone has experience with it's pros and cons. I simply pitch 3/4 of my yeast starter into a batch and leave 1/4 of...
  18. dgrabstein

    Troubleshooting a failed batch?!!!

    By whole malts I mean I threw a handful of un-milled base malt into the starter prior to boiling it as a source of yeast nutrients. I have NEVER experienced anything like this before in my beers, this is new. It can't be the water. I understand leaving the top open is dangerous but I didn't...
  19. dgrabstein

    Troubleshooting a failed batch?!!!

    My latest batch is awful. Smells like phenolic, sulfur, rotten stinkbomb. Tastes basically the same. Just awsful. Wtf could be responsible for this?? Here are the potential causes I've narrowed down to: It fermented at 60-65F with swings back and forth everyday in temps. Yeast was Burton...