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    Checking in from Delaware

    Welcome from NCC DE here. I have been brewing just under a year now and I am getting ready to try my hand at partial mash.
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    What's your occupation: Engineer or Non-Engineer

    Director of a community center and not one technical bone in my body, but I love beer
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    Outer Banks Brewing Station in Kill Devil Hills. I was last there in October and the brews were great especially their ESB, but that may not be available this time of year. Their food is quite good too in my opinion.
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    Albuquerque/El Paso Brewpubs

    Hi all, I am going to be in Albuquerque and El Paso in the near future. Can anyone suggest some brewpubs and local microbrews? Thanks!
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    Brewer's Best Holiday Ale

    My batch ended at 1020 as well, but every time I have one it tastes even better. The only problem I have with this batch is there is very little head. Any suggestions on how I could remedy this next time around?
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    Unrefrigerated Liquid Yeast

    Thanks all!
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    Unrefrigerated Liquid Yeast

    Hi all, my brother and sister-in-law got me an extract kit for Christmas. They ordered the White Labs London Ale Yeast, but it has been unrefrigerated for about a month. Is this yeast still viable? I am still fairly new to homebrewing and have only worked with dry yeast so far. Happy holidays!
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    Brewer's Best Holiday Ale

    I have to agree. Despite plunging my arm into the bottling bucket because the spigot was leaking and then having to dump the brew into another ale pail while I tried to fix the leak, it tastes great!
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    Brewer's Best Holiday Ale

    I am planning on waiting until Christmas too, but I don't think I will make it until then.
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    Brewer's Best Holiday Ale

    You can and everything will settle out. I left mine in primary for 3 weeks before moving to secondary.
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    Brewer's Best Holiday Ale

    I bottled this last Thursday from secondary and every step of the way it has been great (except the spigot on my bottling bucket leaking and in an attempt to stop it, I plunged my arm into the bucket and when that did not work I poured the brew into my primary bucket). I used a strainer when...
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    forgot an ingredient

    From all of the reading I have been doing on HBT over the past month or so my guess is that as long as you did not forget water and/or yeast you should be good even though it may taste a bit different and have a lower ABV.
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    BB Holiday Ale Extremely Low SG?

    I recently made this kit and my SG was right on target. Maybe your wort was not stirred enough?
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    Road Trip! NJ to Florida!

    From the route you have on Google Maps expect to drive an hour and a half or so from the Rt 1 exit off of 95 down to DFH. From DFH I would suggest taking 404/50 West and go over the Bay Bridge and pass Annapolis on your way back to 95 around DC.
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    Welcome from NCC Delaware
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    Hello All, first batch is in primary!

    What a great way to start off the beards, Al, that is classic and welcome from another noob!
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    AHS Gold Seal Peach Ale

    For those of you that brewed the AHS Gold Seal Peach Ale, what are your thoughts on this kit? Are there any modifications that you would make the next time around?
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    Corn Sugar: Bad?

    I just brewed the BB Holiday Ale and moved it to secondary a week ago. I sampled what was in the thief and it tasted excellent already. I followed the directions to a T so I would say go for it.
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    Greetings from beautiful Delaware!

    Welcome and hello from a noob in Hockessin
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    My new Brewery and Alehouse-Shed (Brewing Porn )

    Amazing, just amazing, congrats!