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    Fast Souring - Modern Methods

    I am working on a pineapple (1 lb fresh in boil) mango (5 lbs frozen in primary) beer co-soured with London Ale III and l. plantarum. It's tasting great after 3 weeks (about 4 days on the mango). I plan to dry hop with 0.5 oz Amarillo, 0.5 oz Citra. Should I (or do I need to) make a hop tea? I...
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    Fast Souring - Modern Methods

    So I made a sour beer last year using these methods. It worked, but it wasn't interesting... I just made a super basic beer, co-fermented with US-05, then an attempt at a hop tea. There's a lot of good ideas in here, but are there any actual recipes to follow? I'd like to do something with fruit.
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    Fast Souring - Modern Methods

    Great point, I hadn't tasted it! I think either way, I would have wanted a bit of feedback, just because it didn't go the way I expected it. I did just try it. Didn't detect a lot of hop flavour (I used a mix of amarillo + citra + mosaic). I was going for some fruity hop flavours. But...
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    Fast Souring - Modern Methods

    So, I tried to make a hop tea... I had 1 oz of hops boiled in 500mL water for 5 minutes. Then cooled for about 30 minutes by setting the pot in a cold water bath. Basically what I ended up with was hop paste. I squeezed some liquid out through a strainer, but I'd be surprised if I ended up...
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    Fast Souring - Modern Methods

    I'm attempting my first sour beer... Followed the OP instructions for co-souring, used two pills of Swanson's L. Plantarum along with US-05. It's been fermenting for a week now. I have no way to test pH, but it certainly tastes sour now. Gravity is down to 1.012 from 1.055. My question is: is...
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    DIY spigot on plastic fermentor

    Just make sure it gets an extra good soak in star san, and comfort yourself with the glorious feeling of not having to deal with that f'ing siphon rod/racking tube BS.
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    Fast Souring - Modern Methods

    Could I use Wyeast 5335 with this method? It is listed as the strain "Lactobacillus Buchneri". I bought it intending to do a kettle sour, but then found this very interesting thread! Thanks.
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    Using 2 year old hops. Adjust the amount?

    Were they kept in the freezer?
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    Tasting spigot in glass carboy

    If it can be done (which I doubt), why not put it about an inch off the bottom? Then when you go to rack it to a keg or bottle it, you can just stick a tube on the spigot, and rack from there. I do that with a plastic bucket. No more siphons! But a glass carboy... That's ballsy. Please take...
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    Can I save a (slightly) infected cream ale?

    All right, I'll give that a try.
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    Can I save a (slightly) infected cream ale?

    Lol, good point. I guess I'm not trying to reverse it. Just dress her in baggy clothes for a little while so no one notices. The thing is, it's not terrible. But it's a fairly delicate beer to start with, even a little off-flavour like this is noticeable. I guess got the skinny girl...
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    Can I save a (slightly) infected cream ale?

    Right. Tasted fine for a month or so. One of those slow infections.
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    Can I save a (slightly) infected cream ale?

    I've got about four gallons of cream ale (the famous "cream of three crops" recipe) sitting in a keg that doesn't taste so great. It seems like it has developed a bit of an infection. I had it off the tap for about a month, and when I hooked it back up it was seriously overcarbonated. I've...
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    Help: Partial ferment ended up in bottle

    Well, whether you dump those bottles back into a carboy, or just dump 'em down the sink, you'd better do one or the other fast. Because I can't imagine it would be long before bottles start exploding.
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    How do I keep hop matter out of my kegged beer?

    Do this. It's simple, and it'll solve all your problems. Basically you transferred more crap into your keg than you probably should have. But if you let it settle for a couple of weeks, you'll be able to pull that off the bottom in the first two pints, and then you'll be pulling clear beer...
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    Georgia ebulliometer for sale!!!

    Also, I don't think "brand new" means the same thing in Georgian as it does in English.
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    Wholeycider (great 8%alc sparkling cider for cheap!)

    Sounds awesome! How much yeast do you put in? Just a sprinkle?
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    Sour Dough Culture = Sour Beer Culture?

    Yeah, but you implied pretty strongly that it could end up in the beer. Why even bring it up? You're just spreading misinformation. Also, it's not a big deal to say "sorry, I was wrong." Why defend a position when you're obviously wrong? I think that's one of the biggest problems in the...
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    Bottle Cleaning: Negligent, lazy, or both?

    Once upon a time, I tried the "rinse immediately" method of cleaning, followed by starsan squirts with an vinator. Did that for a couple of batches... was losing about 5% of bottles as gushers/minor infections. I think they need to be soaked in PBW or oxyclean or something... Just rinsing...