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    Who's NOT making IPAs and what are you brewing?

    How are you checking your FG? Refractometer or Hydrometer? After two weeks, that beer should have been at FG. Mine typically just take 4-5 days until I spund them, or about 6-7 days to FG. I ferment mine at 48F. In the secondary, it can still drop, but if it's off the yeast cake it will go...
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    Who's NOT making IPAs and what are you brewing?

    I brew IPA's rarely anymore. Maybe one every few months. I'm big into lagers, so that is primarily what I do. Just brewed a German Pils this past weekend, doing a Rauchbier next weekend to be followed by a Helles. Have a Apricot/Mango Berliner, Doppelbock, English Bitter and an American Pale on...
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    How much do I drink a day

    Honestly, it is an excessive amount by any means. However, if you are healthy (blood work and all that come back OK, I assume?), retired and never put anyone else’s life at risk by driving or other activities, then enjoy! We all have to pick a poison, as I see it. Some love fast food, others...
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    Discussion on malty German beers

    I have done probably over a dozen low oxygen batches at this point, if not more. From lager to imperial stouts and IPA's. Honestly, the wort has -zero- difference in aroma/flavor to me. I have tried hard to distinguish any of these new flavors or whatever people claim, but yeah, no. Tastes like...
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    NEIPA Brewing Procedures

    Everybody jumps on the bandwagon of adding a ton of wheat/oats, adding flour, high chlorides, no bittering hops, etc… Meh… Not required one bit. I brew them fairly often and side-by-side with Trillium, which I get often, mine are spot on. Mouthfeel, bitterness, hop brightness, appearance...
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    Super High Gravity Brew .... Again

    So, what exactly are you going for? The recipe seems interesting. Smoked malt, maple syrup and an epic ton of hopping? Why the 6-row? You shouldn’t have conversion problems with your grist. Is this an imperial amber ale or some sort? Unless you want a lot of hop flavor, just stick with a...
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    I personally target mine to finish at 1.010 to 1.014. I also bitter mine quite a bit, unlike many and use a west coast water profile with high sulfates. They come out amazing, very Trillium-Like in terms of body and overall flavor profile. I am not after the sweeter, unbalanced varieties.
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    So this weekend I brewed up a Hefeweizen this weekend... Bought a new pump, so this was somewhat of a trial run to see how I would utilize the pump during my process. Used the pump for recirculating my mash in the last 10 minutes or so, as well as to whirlpool after the pool to aid in cooling...
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    Question on finings

    With my latest LODO beer (Festbier), I added Gelatin finings. However, it was added while yeast was still active, added at the time the beer was moved into the keg for spunding at around 46F. The water was pre-boiled before use, gelatin added once cooled to around 170-180F and added carefully...
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    Most aggressive yeast strain?

    I've used a ton of yeast and the most recent, WLP007 had the strongest, quickest fermentation I have ever witnessed.
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    IPL Water profile

    I just brewed my first IPL and went with a 150 sulfate to 50 chloride (3:1) ratio, vs. my typical 250-350 sulfate and 50-75 chloride. Wanted something a little more delicate for this one.
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    Campden Tablets.....

    Oops! Not sure what I was thinking earlier... You are correct! Edited my post above.
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    Campden Tablets.....

    Yes, especially if your tap water has chlorine or chloramines. Chlorine will off-gas itself if you leave your mash/sparge water out overnight, or filter through a proper carbon filter. Chloramines can only be eliminated with something like campden or vitamin-C (ascorbic acid), or proper carbon...
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    NEIPA approach to different styles

    I just used 22oz in my latest NE DIPA, for 5gal. Something like 4oz for boil additions, 5oz whirlpool, 5oz DH #1 and 8oz DH #2. Yes I adjust all my volumes so I fill an entire 5gal keg at the end. Could use less, sure... But I've noticed my heavier hopped DIPA's just hold a fresh...
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    Is this hobby killing us?

    I only drink 3 days a week (Wed, Sat, Sun) and a random beer here or there on my "off" days. On the days we do drink, usually in the 5-6% range typically and it may be 3-4 beers worth total. I don't get drunk, just sleepy... So a nap usually follows :P But we do a lot of walking with the...
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    How often do you buy beer as a homebrewer?

    Not as much as I used to, that's for sure. Typically, anytime we go out of town and there is distro that I am unable to get where I live... Or some new beers are released by breweries that I love (Looking at you Sierra Nevada and your Oktoberfest!) I always have a nice collection of bottles and...
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    Oops...Sulfate/chloride ratio 17.7

    You're fine! My IPA water profile is 350 sulfate to 20-50 chloride typically. Just where I like it!
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    Critique My First Decoction Plan.

    I do a single decoction for mash-out only. Works awesome. I had done multi-step before but just adds more time and I didn't see any benefit. I simply mash in at my infusion temp 150-152 typically for 45-60mins... Then take out a thick decoction of about 2-gallons or so and boil separately in...
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    What will be on tap 4th of Jul?

    Right around then I will be tapping two new beers… So at that time, these will be on tap: 1.) German Pils (Tettnanger and Saaz) 2.) Marzen 3.) Session IPA (Belma, Mandarina Bavaria, Azacca and Columbus) 4.) IPA (Columbus, Centennial, Nugget, Simcoe, Citra, Galaxy) The Pils and IPA will...
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    Low oxygen racking

    My NE IPA's two months in the keg have been nearly as impressive as freshly tapped. Hard to believe some of you notice a drop within one week or even a month. Crazy. I have done quite a few at this point and they hold up fantastic... Not sure what you guys are doing that you have such drop off...