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    Honeydew Melon Wine And Whats Your Craziest Brew

    My mum got me 1.5kg of rubarb to try some ... Got it mushed and strained after a 24hr soak and its passed the 1st stage ... Racked it once now and its a nice pale pink colour ... Had a little taste and altho its abit sweet at the moment its very tastey compared to the "kits" ive done ... Think...
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    Honeydew Melon Wine And Whats Your Craziest Brew

    Ive gota gallon of rubarb wine on the go ... Not been brewing long so thats the most extreme ive tried
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    Can I cork without a corker?

    Thats wut i do ... Ask friends and family to save any empty shelf bought wine bottles with screw lids clean them then sterilise
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    Rubarb wine

    How long should i be leaving it to ferment Left it in a winebrew bucket for 24 hours with everything but yeast theb strained it ... Transfared it to demijohn and added yeast ... Been in there for about 11days now can see all the tiny bubbles goin threw the wine so i guess the yeast is still...
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    Your Browser's Homepage?

    All the worst things begin with i
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    Your Browser's Homepage?

    I use opera browser and use the speed dial page with google etc on there
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    No.. More... Hangovers

    I usaly do a pint of water with a pain killer
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    What music do you listen to while you brew?

    Usaly Korpiklaani :) or anyother folk metal
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    Rosehip wine

    As anyone ever made this and wut does it turn out like Looked at a few recipes and it says to age it for at least a year and would like to know veiws on it from ppl who make it
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    Backwards pressure on airlock

    Nah i didnt actually ... I moved it and put a towel around it and that stopped it
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    Backwards pressure on airlock

    Just set up a 1gal demijohn for my mum with what she called a turbo cider (i dono just followed the recipe she wanted) but now after about 2 hours it was starting to bubble threw the airlock but now its goin backwards I have another of my own next to it that was set up about 6 hours ago and...
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    The rasins i will be using will provide the tannin
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    Freeze thaw on berries

    Ive done it now about 3 or 4 times and it seems to be juicing the berries for me
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    Nah am trying to stay away from "kit" ingrediants Ive made 3 brews from kit and thought the whites tasted a bit to proccesed for my liking
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    I have some rubarb in the kitchen now either 1.5kg or 2kg my mum got me from a friend so thats gettin started tonight And i have 2.5kg of blackberries ive picked over the past few days thawing out aswell so thats another start for tonight Also have some 100% apple juice concentrate that i...
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    Cleaning nylon bags

    Yeh i shower
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    I live near glasgow in the west of scotland
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    This is it
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    Cleaning nylon bags

    Howd u know i have a sweaty head ?
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    Picked blackberries for wine

    Maybe see about picking somemore then