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    Help with a Cider Recipe

    I'm trying to go for a lighter, sweeter kind of cider (this is probably heading into the cyser range) and here is the recipe I found: 5 gallons unp. cider 2 pounds of light brown sugar 2 pounds of honey 1 or 2 packages of champagne yeast for bottling: 1/2 pound lactose 3/4 cup corn...
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    Questions and Confusions with headspace

    I'm making a wheat beer and this time I put it into a glass carboy instead of the plastic bucket like I usually do. In the back of my mind I was remembering about how it is good not to have to much headspace. So I filled her pretty close (2 inches) from the top. As you can imagine, the next...
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    Might Be a Stupid Question

    First time cider maker and I realized, I've made a few mistakes already. 1)following recipe that didn't call for checking the O.G. 2) Using champagne yeast, which now I realize is probably going to make for a very dry cider. I will be adding blueberries to the secondary which leads me to my...
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    Headspace in my secondary

    I realized I left to much headspace in the secondary. It only came up to the shoulder. It still is giving off a lot of Co2. What has been the experience of others leaving to much headspace in the secondary? Am I going to get vinegar? I'm starting to worry.
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    How long is too long?

    My Marzen has been in the fermenter now for a week (seven days) and the airlock is still going strong (lots of bubbles). Should I give it another couple of days or just go ahead and put it in the secondary now? I don't want it sitting on the trub too long. Any suggestions would be helpful...
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    Air Lock Vs. blow off tube

    Should I pull off the airlock?
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    Air Lock Vs. blow off tube

    I have done a lot of reading about airlock verses a blow off tube. But I was wondering, does it make sense to have both on? I have a carboy cap so I put on my airlock and I started getting a lock of bubble activity and the "foam" is starting to rise. So, I thought what the hell, I'll put on...
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    Another did I ruin my batch?

    Thanks, I like reading about the mistakes. Beer is very forgiving it seems.
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    Another did I ruin my batch?

    I forgot to sanitize my wort chiller!!! I was busy with fittings and stuff and without even thinking I plopped it in. My only hope is that the wort was at 180 degrees. I am so bummed. Has anybody else done this and how did it turn out?
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    Questions about a recipe

    I'm looking at a recipe cloning fullers esb. Before I get all the stuff I have some questions: It says 6 and 2/3 lbs light malt extract. I'm assuming it means LME because anytime it asks for dry it says it specifically. So I take 6 and 2/3 times .75 and that would give me about 5 lbs of...
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    Question about fermenting

    6.6 pounds light malt extract 1 pound crystal malt 2 oz chocolate malt 2 oz roasted barley 2 tsp gypsum 2 oz Kent Golding (used Spalt) boiling 1 oz Fuggles (used Glacier Leaf) aroma 1 oz Fuggles (used Glacier Leaf) dry 1 tsp Irish Moss 1 package of London ESB yeast liquid (used a smack...
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    Question about fermenting

    I just put in today. I'm going to keep it as long as needed. I wonder if the recipe meant the 1.045 was supposed to be the OG instead of the FG. Any suggestions what aim for in the FG?
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    Question about fermenting

    I am making an ESB and after 9 days in the primary I dry hopped and switched to the secondary. I took a hydrometer reading and it read at 1.080 at 66 degrees with a calibration for 60 degrees. The f.g. should be at 1.045. I can't tell you the hydrometer reading when I put it in the primary...
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    Question about secondary fermenting

    Unfortunately I did toss them. I hated to do it. Wish the homebrew store was closer and had them smell it. So it sounds like just leave it where it is and don't bother with the secondary then.
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    Question about secondary fermenting

    The hop bag wasn't sealed right and the smell was bad. It smelled like perfumed feet than the usual "flowerly" smell. I didn't want to take the chance of ruining anything.
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    Question about secondary fermenting

    I read the list on when to go to the secondary fermenter and it doesn't sound like I need to do it, but I want to make sure. I am making an ESB and I've had it in the primary(plastic) for a week and the recipe calls for me to put it into the secondary and dry hop with Fuggles. The problem...
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    cleaning and sanitizing

    Am I wrong thinking that it's the tubing? My scotch ale looks infested and doesn't taste all that good. By infested there's white things floating in it and it tastes off. It was clear and ok until I bottled. As a side note, how bad is it before people decided to pitch it out? It doesn't...
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    cleaning and sanitizing

    I've noticed my last batch had a bit of metallic taste and I narrowed it down to my racking tubes. No matter how hard I try, I can't get the white spots out of my plastic tubes. They are either water spots, or residue from the one step sanitzer. I was thinking of soaking them in a very mild...
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    Stupid Noob Question

    Man I feel stupid just for asking this...Ok, made an ESB got everything cooled and in the primary bucket, added water to top off to five gallons, added the liquid yeast, got the lid on, airlock on, put it in a warm spot and I'm off. Forgot the hydrometer reading. The recipe says to put it into...
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    What's wrong with this idea?

    Ah that, well they want to to go outside and play after it rains or when the snow melts. They get one lesson and no phone call. It's not prison just life lessons.