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    Sold BrewPi TC Parts FS

    I have the parts required to build a BrewPi temp controller with LCD display. $95 shipped (continental, sorry AK and HI) or pickup in Grand Rapids, MI Items for Sale are Raspberry Pi 3 w/ 32g micro SD card Arduino Uno R3 20x4 LCD Shield 4 Channel Relay Shield Prototyping Shield with jumpers 4...
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    California Blichmann 240V Rims rocket and 240V Blichmann tower of power controller

    Is the whole setup still available? I would like to see a picture or two of what is included.
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    Michigan selling equipment

    Are the conicals still available?
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    Michigan selling equipment

    Interested the conicals as well. I am in GR. Lets see where you are
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    Michigan SSBrewtech 10 gallon Brew Kettle BME + 10G Cooler w Custom False Bottom+Brew Table etc

    I wish I lived closer (West MI). Thats a great price for the kettle.
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    Georgia Complete Setup - Electric 3-vessel system, grain, hops...

    Interested in the brew buckets, possibly all 4. Shipping to MI.
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    California Blichmann HopRocket

    Price is good, but I am going to pass. Thanks
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    California Blichmann HopRocket

    What would shipping be to 49426?
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    California Blichmann RIMS Rocket 240v with hop rocket pieces

    Is the rocket still available? Also, is this the complete unit, or just the add on?
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    Massachusetts RIMS Rocket, Hop Rocket Bracket, VentMatic Faucets

    I am interested too. Are you selling the add on heating element or the whole rocket?
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    Kettle Drain and Recirculate with Splitter?

    There is actually a TC Tee that SS offers for whirlpool ( It attaches at the thermometer port, with the thermometer running through it and the barbed side is for the hose to the recirculating pump. This is good if only if you have...
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    Maryland 5gal induction ready set up

    Are the pumps still available? What heads are on them, and will you ship?
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    Soda carbonator

    I think that is where the carbing is done. From what I have seen the tank is not easily removed from the system for cleaning. Also there will be about a significant loss in beer. I have been sprayed by them durning removal with all lines cut.
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    Soda carbonator

    What about sanitation? I run into one or two of these a year at work and have always wanted to try it out for carbing too.
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    Effect of Skimming the Fermentation

    I heard/read something about skimming the wort. Maybe something about clarity. I plan on trying that for my next few batches.
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    Freezing Under Mashed Beer

    Thats what I was afraid of. I thought of icing it and then boiling the ice I removed and add it back to retain the sugars and maltiness.
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    Freezing Under Mashed Beer

    So my buddy brewed some beer two months ago with some friends to show them the process. Rather than let the mash sit the whole hour, he mashed only 30mins, brewing with some week wort. No idea on his gravities, he "just knows it will end up beer". So after kegging and carbing the beer, it is...
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    Storing in keg after cold crash

    So my fridge is full of kegged beer right now, major problem, I know. I just started cold crashing an ESB for kegging in two days. Will I skunk the ESB if I keg it and leave it out of the fridge until I have room? I plan on purging it of CO2. Also, I am borrowing fridge space at my parents...