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    Suspicious Growth: Mold or Infection?

    It turned out just fine.
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    Suspicious Growth: Mold or Infection?

    I literally just bottled something that looked just like that on sunday! I hadn't gotten around to bottling (made the low gravity batch 2.5 months ago) because of school and was pretty worried when I saw that. It smelled and tasted fine so I racked from beneath it and ended up leaving about a...
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    Pbw vs. Oxyclean

    Never used pbw but oxyclean works great. Lots of people on here will say you need to get the oxyclean free (without any fragrances), but I've been using the regular oxyclean since I couldn't find any of the free stuff and haven't had any issues with it. You just have to make sure you rinse...
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    Making liqueurs?

    I think there's an old book kickin around my house somewhere that was given to my parents as a gift before I was even born that has tons of recipes that just call for adding fruit/spices ect to vodka and a few other hard alcohols as well.
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    My first brew day gone wrong. Help me figure out what happened and the outcome

    More liquid than dry but I've not experience using liquid.
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    2 batches, 1 problem

    If it tastes fine you're probably alright and as far as the lower carbonation levels in the second batch, give it a couple more weeks to bottle condition and it should improve.
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    Is absolutely necessary roasted barley for a Dry Irish Stout?

    I was curious about the difference between stouts and porters, since both can be very dark and have similar flavors. I did some searching around on here about a week ago and the consensus seemed to be that stouts have at least a half pound of roasted barley for a 5 gallon batch and porters...
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    Spring Water vs Distilled Water

    It's only really when you go all grain or partial mash that you need to worry about mineral content in the water, and usually as long as the water tastes good you're probably alright.
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    no fermentation after 5 days?

    Absolutely! This is the only way to accurately determine when fermentation has both started and finished.
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    Concerns with Homebrew Stores Equipment

    Check out the link I posted above. If it's a simialar bucket then there's no real need to get a new bucket or lid. I've used mine for every batch with no issues. That being said, if you find the hobby as addicting as many of us do, you might be buying a new bucket anyways to have multiple...
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    Concerns with Homebrew Stores Equipment

    All depends on the size of the bucket. I have the 10 gallon bucket and mostly do 6 gallon batches and even my wildest fermentation (and it was pretty crazy), didn't threaten to blow the lid off.
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    Winter Ale Recipe

    It turned out good but nothing like granvilles. I haven't tried the recipe posted above yet but I've found that vanilla flavor comes out better using pure vanilla extract (not artificial) rather than vanilla beans. They're selling GIB beers regularly in my area now so when I eventually get...
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    bottle caps are bulging

    1.040 is a pretty low starting gravity but it's doubtful that the beer was finished fermenting at 1.018. If the caps are bulging you may be risking some bottle bombs. I've never had an issue with this so my best thought would be to release the pressure but in the future you should make sure...
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    Can someone help me convert this recipe to extract or partial mash?

    I use beer smith to convert recipes, but I really wanted to try out all grain so I built a 5 gallon MLT and just finished my second 3 gallon AG batch today on the stove so that's another option.
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    Fruit Additions - why secondary?

    I just cracked my first raspberry wheat last night and did kind of an of an odd ball procedure. I made the beer as normal and then once it was finished fermenting I racked it onto 1.8kg of crushed frozen raspberries in a primary bucket for 2 weeks cause I figured it was going to be a lot easier...
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    Liquid Yeast-FAST!!

    I've only made 1 starter so far using washed yeast but it was by far the fastest compared to other dry yeasts and wyeasts. There was krausen developing about 3 hours after pitching as opposed to 12-24 hours with the others. The purpose of starters is to get the yeast active and ready to do...
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    Belgian White witbier

    It will also likely lighten up a bit after fermentaion has finished and the yeast starts dropping out of suspension.
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    Belgian White witbier

    This goes for all beers. I just bottled a raspberry wheat and it looked like a dark red wine in the carboy and when I poured the last bit that didn`t fill a bottle into a glass to sample, it was super clear and no where near as dark.
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    Next Brew Suggestions?

    +1. Some ambers can be considerably more bitter compared to wheats but definately not "hoppy". I'm a huge amber ale drinker and not a fan of IPAs. I made a Mild Ale that turned out pretty good too that is a nice light beer that isn't at all bitter but still has some flavor to it.