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  1. J

    quick connect/disconnect co2 line

    I used these at one point and had no issues with leaks.
  2. J

    Checklist for kegerator setup

    I put a 3/4" piece of plywood on top of the drawers that keeps the plastic from flexing. Longer shanks have more cooling surface area. Shanks that have welded tail piece removes potential leaks and less cleaning. I had my shanks go thru the door on my first fridge and found dealing with the...
  3. J

    Do you need to aerate your wort if you pitch a yeast starter in it?

    When o2 is present yeast will grow faster which results in increased sugar consumption. faster fermentation. we transfer thru a hose into a closed conical injecting o2 at the output of the chiller. we mainly use dry yeast
  4. J

    Kegging and storing

    Doesn't sound like you have much room.Before I installed my coldbox I used True commercial 2 door cooler. It stored at least 10 kegs. Don't worry any more now. Used coldbox half is cold the other half is for barrel storage. I have a black oak slab I want to use for the drip tray
  5. J

    For Sale 4ea. 50 Gallon jacketed fermenters

    Are these fermenters still available? I am in North San Diego County.
  6. J

    What are you drinking now?

    Dopple Bock aged 2 years in a Templeton Rye barrel. This is the third and final use of this barrel. Aged two imperial stouts in it prior to this.
  7. J

    Weird question....distilling beer

    Distilling a 10% dopple bock resulted in having a slightly off taste. filtered through activated charcoal. it can be done.
  8. J

    For Sale 1bbl fermentor

    I think this would fit in well with our existing 1 bbl system. I need to see if I can pin my friends schedule down. Hoping this works, John
  9. J

    For Sale 1bbl fermentor

    I am interested. What area of Colorado are you located? I have a friend that will be traveling thru in the next couple of weeks with a trailer.