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    What brewery are you visiting?

    This reminds me of my alma mater’s logo.
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    Spontaneous fermentation questions

    I had some leftover wort while brewing yesterday so I thought I’d set it out and see what happens. The wort had an OG of 1.036 and was all Pilsner. I do BIAB and it was the wort that came out after the bag was no longer draining into the kettle. I left it out overnight in my sunroom near an...
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    Maryland Maryland brewers?

    I might be interested in something like that. No, I haven’t been to True Respite yet. How is it?
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    Maryland Maryland brewers?

    I’m in Rockville here too. I’ve been brewing 12 years and all grain for 9-ish. I’ve never joined a homebrew club but probably would join something small/local. I don’t know of anything like that though.
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    Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil

    I’ve done a couple kettle soured Berliner Weisse using a yogurt starter. I had never made one without the M&B so I have no comparison but I set it at 105 and held it until the pH was in the low to mid 3s.
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    Cleaning multiple keg lines at once

    No worries...that's understandable. I asked your site to send me an email when you have them in stock so I'll pick it up then. It will be a very nice part to have and, as far as I can tell, you're the only one selling it. I look forward to using it!
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    Cleaning multiple keg lines at once

    Is there any chance these will be in stock any time soon? I just ordered parts for a recirculating cleaner and would love to get this so I can clean all my taps at once.
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    Brewer's Edge Mash and Boil

    Thanks! I'll try the "lifting the basket" trick. Even with stirring, I found that the temperature stays well below what's on the display. I'm actually happier with that than I was with the large swings. If it's precise but not accurate, I can adjust for that. Overall, though, I'm pretty...
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    Brewer's Edge Mash and Boil

    I've been playing around with my Brewer's Edge Mash and Boil and am looking for thoughts and advice for people more experienced with E-BIAB systems. I've just moved over from a cooler mash tun. As others have seen, I'm getting a huge swing in temperature as measured by the Brewer's Edge...
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    Anybody do a small mash for starter?

    Yes, I'll mash a couple pounds of two row to get a gallon of wort. No hops, no sparge, and no boil. I freeze it in one quart plastic containers and thaw/boil as needed. It works perfectly.
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    Budget pumps?

    I second the Mark II. I've been using it for several months with no complaints.
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    Homebrew Survey!

    1. 2006 2. 120-ish 3. 3 4. 40 APA best of show 5. One best of shown APA, one honorable mention Belgian blonde 6. 3 7. 11 8. Variations on Brewing Classic Styles Belgian Golden Strong
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    Bargain Fittings

    I take the previous review back. I contacted the company through this website and they replaced the part right away. The emails were never received so your best bet is to call. Once they actually heard from me, they answered right away. FYI, if you can't call during the day, call and leave a...
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    Bargain Fittings

    I'm also having issues with communication. One female QD I got just does not lock into place. I had to hammer the fittings together to get them to lock. The two other female QDs I ordered lock with all of the males so it has to be a problem with this one. I submitted their online form and...
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    Brew dogs heading to D.C.

    It's a little north of DC but Seven Locks Brewing welcomes dogs every Sunday and supports pet charities. They're located in Rockville, MD and, by the way, make some tasty brews.
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    Duvel clone recipe...have you tried BYO's? Any others?

    Brewing Classic Styles has a really good Duvel clone that I've made several times. I've only used the AG recipe but I'm fairly certain there's an extract option. If not, it should be easy to convert as it's all Pilsner and table sugar for fermentables.
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    DC Area Group Grain Buy #12

    Oops that was for PikevilleBrew. I guess it helps to read to the end of the thread before commenting.
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    DC Area Group Grain Buy #12

    I'd be happy to help out too. I live in Rockville and work in Germantown so I'm passing your way pretty often.
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    Cider ingredients - where to get?

    Actually, not all chemicals are a deal killer. Cider with ascorbic acid (aka vitamin C) will work.