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    Clearing question-Mead

    I used the campden tablet and sorbate to halt the fermentation. I wanted the mead to have some remaining sweetness and it tasted great. Once I racked it onto the tablet and sorbate, there was no signs of fermentation. A week ago it was at 1.024 and now it's at 1.020. I expected it to continue...
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    Clearing question-Mead

    I transferred a one gallon batch of mead into a secondary and added the appropriate amounts of sorbate and a campden tablet. This was one week ago and it isnt clearing at all. I will be checking the gravity over the next few days to check for any continued fermentation but my question is- Is it...
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    My fermentation stopped

    I have two 1-gallon batches of straight honey mead that have stopped fermentation. I checked the gravity over three days and all readings are the same. I'm making several other 1-gallon batches without any problems. I checked the Ph-good. One batch I used ec-1118 and the other 71b-1122...