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  1. mud1070

    FREE TEST for INKBIRD CO2 Detector

    Anyone brewing with propane should have one of these...
  2. mud1070

    This might sound like a dumb question... But why would one use acidulated malt/ sauermalz?

    ⬆️ - lol A few of my recipes, pilsners for example, I couldn't get the correct pH from my source water with just lactic acid alone. I do find the budget lactic acid to have a strange smell, that may impart some off-putting smell/taste in the finished product. I also find that lactic acid can...
  3. mud1070

    propane burner has no back pressure

    It could be the propane tank as well. Newer tanks have a built-it flow limiting device, to reduce propane flow in case of leak. It can be activated under several circumstances, but I find opening the valve too quickly almost always activates.
  4. mud1070

    When did craft beer prices “jump the shark”

    It depends on how you value your time. If you were to pay yourself a salary for the brew day, it would be close. If you had a loan or lease or other overhead, you'd be very close. IF you hired help, you'd be struggling. I still prefer to brew my own and I know I can brew "cheaper" with...
  5. mud1070

    Sanitizer strength

    I always keep some sanitizer in a spray bottle. I find I use it more often than not, & it usually doesn't last very long, so it is always fresh. I would dump, rinse, and re-fill your sani-bucket. I think it is a giant waste of time to try to save the unknown solution. In my experience, old...
  6. mud1070

    All Grain or kegging?

    Lon, try BIAB get a mash tun or get a false bottom. Brew some all grain and keg some beer. Check FB marketplace and Cragslist for used equipment.
  7. mud1070

    Input on a recipe

    I'm curious why the late DME addition? when you dry hop consider bagging or a canister. you may lose some volume after racking due to high volumes of trub. + Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
  8. mud1070

    GIVEAWAY for INKBIRD Wi-Fi ITC-308 Temperature Controller!!

    This is ideal for any keezer build! I want to setup a glycol loop from my keezer to bring a chilled tap to my kitchen! Then ask for forgiveness after her favorite beer (Blueberry Blonde Ale) is on tap!
  9. mud1070

    Who's smoking meat this weekend?

    Smoked some beef ribs as the snow started…
  10. mud1070

    DIY Glycol Chiller build

    Awesome input! I have been thinking about doing the same with an old A/C. The price on a new chiller for home brew is very expensive. I've also been floating the idea on using a zone off my heater to preheat my HLT since it is already hot. I will have to investigate further to see if this is...